It’s Kinda Like Paradise

gerald o'hara quote with a spanish moss park background

I never understood Margaret Mitchell’s passion for Georgia until just recently. On my way to my car after work one day, I stopped. There was no sound except the of chirping birds.

All around me was lush foliage, vibrant Azaleas, and majestic trees robed with Spanish Moss.

I’ve lived in Georgia all my life. “Born and raised,” as we say.

I don’t know how I failed to notice the natural beauty of my home state. 20 odd years and I was all but indifferent to my surroundings.

In that exact moment, sometime last week, did I finally realize what I have here.

It’s breath-taking.

And humbling.


It’s kinda like paradise.


Ants in the Sugar

black sugar ant with the words ants in the sugar

I’m one of those women who like to stock up on things when they go on sale. In fact, the only way retailers can get me to pay full price for anything is to pry the money from my stingy penny-pinching fingers.

I have no shame😥

So I stocked up on Dixie Sugar when it went on sale a few months ago and I opened the last bag this morning for my coffee. Because everyone knows coffee ain’t good unless you can taste diabetes in every sip. Same can be said for sweet tea. #lifeinthesouth #stereotypes

The other day I had an invasion of ants in my pantry. Luckily, most everything was sealed. The only thing those mini savages got was my box of Special K Red Berries.
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I Don’t Work Sundays

church with a cross and the words i don't work sundays

It’s been a minute since I’ve sat down and blogged something thoughtful. I’ve posted little things occasionally just to post something. Because if a blogger who is prone to depression all of a sudden stops posting…😐

But I’m still alive and have some stuff to share.

If you read, “Capitalist Mind, Christian Heart,” you know I was working at a company that didn’t sit right with my sense of integrity. I understood the things that were being asked of me. I got the big picture and the bottom line.


I didn’t feel comfortable doing some of the things I was told to do.

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