Overweight and Sassy


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I wanted to post something but didn’t know what to blog about. So I did the rational thing and watched TV while browsing Pinterest. Cuz nothing inspires quite like procrastination. #liesitellmyself

With shows like, “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” and, “She’s in Charge,” and, “Mama June from Not to Hot,” I wonder where the hell was I when being overweight and sassy resulted in TV shows?! 😛


Broken Hearts in Bible Study


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I’ve been going back and forth in my mind. Wondering whether or not to share this post.

The reason is today I experienced something so raw that to share would be to cheapen the event. However, I truly believe vulnerable moments are the most powerful.

So I’ll share with the purest of intents.

I went to Bible Study today and heard someone in our Church had died. I didn’t know the person. Though the event was tragic, it didn’t affect me as deeply as it would if I could put a face to the name.

What broke my heart. What still sends pangs of pain in my soul was the way it affected my Bible Study teacher. She is a devout and faithful woman of God. A sincere soul who I admire with every part of my being.

There she was. The sweet matriarch of our Church and our Bible Study. Always there with a kind word, helpful hand, and open heart to anyone in need.

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One Year Anniversary!


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Can’t believe it.

One year ago I was an unemployed single mother with an unhealthy dependence on sleeping pills and cheap wine. I felt like I had nothing left to live for.

So I created the Real as the Streets blog as a desperate attempt to leave some sort of legacy in the world before I ended my life.

Yet, here I am.


This time last year, I angrily told God He could take my life. I meant it quite literally.

However, by the grace of God,  not only am I still alive. But I’ve never been happier in my life. It’s amazing how a single year can change the entire direction of one’s existence.

I’m not only gainfully employed, I’m happily employed. Recently, I just got a promotion of sorts with a salary that basically doubled.

Two things I learned since the creation of Real as the Streets:

  1. Never underestimate the power of the Lord.
  2. Never underestimate the transformation that can occur in a single year.

Happy Anniversary, blog family! 🙂