Just Do It

The Bible isn’t just for ministers. It’s the Word of God. It’s Jesus’ instructions for how to live. Instructions! Everyone loves big ol’ instruction manuals, right? 🙂

Well this one is different. It’s the rules and regulations of how to live a good life. A life that’ll keep you out of God’s trash bin.

  • If you’re a Christian and haven’t read the whole Bible yet: Just do it. Stop procrastinating and get to reading. You’re not too busy for God. You are *not* too busy for God. If you think you are, evaluate your priorities.
  • If you’re not sure where you stand and are allowing people’s interpretation of the Word of God to influence you: Stop. Even though others may illuminate and clarify things for you, they should never be your primary source of information when it comes to Christianity.

Sitting down with a cup of coffee and a Bible a few minutes each day isn’t going to turn you into an extremist; but it will make you a better Christian.


13 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. Daryngue De Sypl says:

    Some basics about the Bible.

    The Old Testament really is the essence but most miss out completely. The New Testament so many times quote the Old yet many think it is irrelevant. That is a sad misunderstanding.

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  2. Right! The thing that saddens me most is how a lack of understanding turns a lot of Christians into their own spiritual worst enemy. In the sense that they’re living a life of partial truths and getting their info from secondary sources without understanding the full context. And yes! The Old Testament is still very relevant. Isaiah especially, which pretty much paved the way for the New Testament.

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  3. Daryngue De Sypl says:

    A candid post on reading the whole Bible and not just pet passages. From Jurassic Park to Star Wars. Genesis to Revelation. All of it, soaking it up repeatedly until it is etchecd inside the hollow of your bones. It will alter who you are. It is uploading the character of God as your operating system.

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  4. *Rae, you wrote this post before I landed on your blog a few days ago. I’m happy you referred back to it making it easy for me to find today. I have one thing to say in response to you post:

    Between the pages of the Bible is a blessed place to be.

    Praise and Glory to God the Almighty! Amen

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  5. Wish Christians would grasp this! It’s amazing how so many of us claim to be “Christians” and have never even ‘partially’ read the one book on which our faith is based. Praying for us all! Love this post and soooo many of your others as well. Keep writing, living, praying, and inspiring Rae 🙂

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  6. Thanks! I was a pretty lazy Christian for most my life. But reading the Bible was just the best! All my presumptions were corrected. And just helped me learn more about God than what I thought of Him based on my imagination.

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