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The Bible isn’t just for ministers. It’s the Word of God. It’s Jesus’ instructions for how to live. Instructions! Everyone loves big ol’ instruction manuals, right? 🙂

Well this one is different. It’s the rules and regulations of how to live a good life. A life that’ll keep you out of God’s trash bin.

  • If you’re a Christian and haven’t read the whole Bible yet: Just do it. Stop procrastinating and get to reading. You’re not too busy for God. You are *not* too busy for God. If you think you are, evaluate your priorities.
  • If you’re not sure where you stand and are allowing people’s interpretation of the Word of God to influence you: Stop. Even though others may illuminate and clarify things for you, they should never be your primary source of information when it comes to Christianity.

Sitting down with a cup of coffee and a Bible a few minutes each day isn’t going to turn you into an extremist; but it will make you a better Christian.