Oh, Hamburgers!

a hamburger

photo credit: freeimages.com/robert owen-wahl

So I’ve been on something of a diet for awhile now.

Turkey, fruits, vegetables, water, calorie-free soda, and coffee is basically what I live on. And it’s been working out for me.

But today, I had errands to run. No big deal. Except I skipped breakfast. Money in my pocket, nothing in my stomach. Bet you can guess how this story ends.

On my way back home, I saw a brand new, just-been-built Dairy Queen. Standing bold and enticingly. And I caved.

I tenderly unwrapped my lunch and gazed upon its delectable splendor. It was a beautiful, perfectly crafted hamburger with all the fixin’s.

I said a rapid grace, thanking the Lord for my food, and went to town on it. As I was eating I wondered if there would be hamburgers in Heaven.

After a few bites, I decided that I would be okay with all the pain and suffering I ever endured if God let me eat all the hamburgers I wanted in Heaven without gaining a single pound.

I really, really like hamburgers.

If Satan ever opens up a burger joint, I’ll be in trouble…


12 thoughts on “Oh, Hamburgers!

  1. I think what made lunch especially tasty was that I hadn’t had a burger in so long. It probably wouldn’t have been as good if I ate one every day. Thanks for your comment!

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  2. My failed attempts at dieting have all been brutally murdered by my love for ice cream. I completely gave up on diets and instead implemented a workout schedule so I can still keep my one true love (yes, ice cream) forever close to me.

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  3. I understand your desire for a cheeseburger (I hope you went for the cheese). I have made myself an ovo-lacto vegetarian but not for any philosophical reason but to deal with weight, cholesterol, and diabetes. I think most of the food God has given us is good in reasonable amounts and I worry about people who think it is good to reject what God has provided because they somehow know better.

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  4. messiah gate says:

    Turkey, fruit, vegetables, water plus lemon yogurt and chocolate protein shakes. Coffee and soda stain my teeth.


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