30/30 Challenge: Day 2


women's devotional bible #3030challenge

Reading the New Testament is a bit tricky for me. The reason is a lot of was written in parables for the benefit of the Jews. What I think I know about Jesus so far is that He had a message but He knew He had to be careful how it was presented. I guess I get kind of stuck on the presentation. I’m one of those people that like things to be written out word-for-word without any fluff and the New Testament seems to be one parable after another. Some I kinda get. Some are lost to me completely. Do any of you struggle with that?


5 thoughts on “30/30 Challenge: Day 2

  1. Hi Rae! I enjoyed reading your Day 2 Challenge above, and you asked an interesting question about wording things so as not to step on toes. Funny, I have an opposite impression from you; as I read the gospels in particular, I see Jesus stepping on lots of toes! I believe that this is why “the Jews” (i.e., the Jewish leaders of his locale and his day) wanted to crucify him. God usually doesn’t pull punches to protect people’s feelings. It’s his terms or none, and Jesus told it like it was. I hope to read more of what you write.

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  2. Thank you, you know I do see some passages like that. Taking my Bible study seriously has caused me to really evaluate things like audience, context, and of course the authors. I appreciate your feedback. You’ve given me a lot to consider. Thanks again (:

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  3. Its true, we are commanded not to swear, and I struggle with that because its hard to buy a house or testify in court without swearing, but we just need to trust God and lean not to our own understanding. And yes, Jesus did step on a lot of toes, which is why he is such a man. Most people now days are too afraid to step on toes.

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  4. Right! That’s what breaks my heart sometimes, people get in a comfort zone (and I’m guilty of it too) and we become complacent. I realized that when I’d read something in the Bible and think, “well, *I* don’t have to do *that*” mainly passages with anger, that i know i need, but…don’t like the idea of change. God’s not done with me yet tho! We all have a lot of work to do before it’s all said and done.


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