Church, yay!

You’d think, based on my blog, I already belonged to a Church. But nope. I haven’t been to Church in years. Before, I thought that Church was kind of like reading the Bible. Great if Christians do it, but not required to gain admittance into Heaven. Technically that’s true. Since Jesus bought us all tickets to Heaven, we need only to approach Him and ask for one.

But, like vitamins and exercise, there are just some things that must be done to enhance the quality of existence. I think Bible reading and Church attendance are the vitamin/exercise equivalent to living a high quality life in Christ.

I’m mentioning this now because I’ve been feeling a nudge to go to Church. It was mild at first, kinda like how you feel when you think there was something you were supposed to do but can’t quite remember what. Then when I think of Church, it’s like a light comes on. So I figured that was my cue to get my butt in a pew.

I prayed. And a few days later, I got a flyer for a local Church that matches my denomination, right down my road, reaching out for people to come visit.

I’ll be going Sunday and I’m really excited. In all my years as a Christian I’ve never been excited to go to Church. Ever. So this is kind of a big deal for me.

I guess you don’t realize the importance of worshiping God with a supportive community until you spend a lot of time alone. Don’t get me wrong, I think one-on-one time with the Lord is invaluable. And certainly better than worshiping Him in a setting you’re not comfortable with.

But there’s a warm fuzzy feeling you get when you surround yourself with good people who want to help you along your spiritual journey rather than alienate, question, or ignore you because of your beliefs.


16 thoughts on “Church, yay!

  1. That’s a good step in your journey to experience true Christianity. But don;t just look for people who will minster to you! When you are truly in a church, you will have people that you minister to as well. Go in, enjoy the service, get to meet people, and make it permanent. This is your opportunity to become a blessing in person!

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  2. This is so true because I know about my own church. They love me and take care of me. They are always asking me if I need anything. They are willingly buying me clothes, writing pads, pencils, pens, etc. Maybe they are being so generous because I live a nursing home. When I am ill, and I return to church, they welcome me back. My pastor’s wife calls me when she knows I am not well. Sometimes she just calls me to say hello. I minister to these same people by teaching Sunday School to the adults. It is a wonderful give and take between people who are serving the Lord in spirit and in truth.

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  3. I’m happy to hear you have a good church with members who look after their own. That’s the type of community that makes the church a vital aspect of Christianity. You are very fortunate (: I appreciate you sharing!!


  4. The Church is the body of people born of the Holy Ghost.
    I find blessings when I go to a congregation of believers worship. Even though tares sit at every service. Jesus helps us with the rates.

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  5. RLJ says:

    I am glad you are going to a church, and I hope you will become a part of it. Being with other believers in a church body is very important to spiritual growth. I tried for several years to walk alone, but when I joined with other believers, I really drew closer to God.

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  6. You’ll know when you are where you’re supposed to be. I marvel at the wondrous eleven years I had at my home church after joining. I grew so much as a Christian. I loved my Jesus friends! Still do, even though moved away and some those people are now gone to be with the Lord. My life has never been the same since I accepted Jesus. My life has still had its ups and some real downers, but Jesus hasn’t deserted me. Without the test, there’s no testimony.

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  7. Check out, The First Sunday. I’d link it, but I’m on my phone at the moment. You should be able to find it under Memoirettes. But it turned out really good! In fact, it’s been an amazing blessing to me. I love it! If you have a good Church, a supportive prayer team, it’s indescribably wonderful


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