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In my post, Church, yay! I said I’d be trying out a new Church… and I did. Today!

Wow, what an experience. Where to begin?

Okay, so first I dropped off my little Nugget in the nursery area which I thought was just the absolute coolest- the way it was organized and the security. Then I was escorted to the room where Ladies Fellowship and Bible Study was taking place. It was amazing. Just in the few moments of arriving, I was greeted by everyone and felt very welcome.

I was nervous, too. Like I was back in high school. You know when you look around for familiar faces and cling to them like a tick on a dog until you’re comfortable venturing out on your own. I think girls know more what I’m talking about. Guys kinda meander wherever. Whereas us ladies like to have a “place.” After the Bible study, I checked in the baby area on my Dumpling then me and my new Church friend went to the Worship Center.

I loved it! I loved the pastor, I loved the message, I loved the people. More importantly, I felt God’s presence. It wasn’t just people going through the motions. It was a community of Christians encouraging each other and praising the Lord for all He had done for us.

I plan on going back next Sunday. I’m grateful God led me somewhere good. My Church (I’m already calling it ‘my’ lol) is the kinda place that makes me want to get dressed in the morning and go out in the world. And for an introverted recluse like me, that’s a pretty big deal.

For those of you who don’t go to Church, or are Christmas/Easter attendees, really consider getting back out there. I was hesitant at first, too, because of hypocrisy in organized religion. I was hesitant because what if I didn’t like the Church. But that was a very selfish viewpoint. As a Christian, being a blessing to others is a responsibility. Church is give and take.

I didn’t go to be accommodated to. Though, they were very accommodating- even gave me chocolate! But like with relationships, you have the honeymoon phase. Then reality. And the reality is eventually the Church isn’t going to be the sweetheart she was when you were a “guest.” And that’s okay!

I intend on being very involved in my Church. Praying for the members and the leaders. Volunteering when I’m able. Not to show off or impress anyone, but because I kinda feel like that’s the point. If I wasn’t going to contribute I could just sit home in my PJs, watch the Christian channels, and call it a day.

For those of you who have a Church (and like it), I finally understand what keeps you guys going every week.

And to everyone, have a great Sunday!