Momma Vision, That’s How.

cat eyes peering from behind a blade of grass

photo credit: bennie

momma vision
mom·ma vi·sion

: an ability that accompanies motherhood, allowing the mother to see every move her child makes, and then some, while appearing completely distracted by something else.

Somewhere along the way, I developed an awesome new power.

I’d be cleaning or studying while my baby played nearby. To her, it looked like I was totally engrossed by my chores. Then when she thought she was about to get into some mischief…


And my little scallywag would respond with a sheepish grin like, “How did you see me?”

Momma vision, that’s how.

I hear experienced mothers have advanced momma vision which includes the power to see through walls 🙂


5 thoughts on “Momma Vision, That’s How.

  1. I never understood it in my mom until I had my own kids! And yes I am on number 4 too and with each it becomes more and more fine tuned! Sometimes we seem to know them better then we know ourselves! It’s even started to work on my husband! Lol

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