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If you’ve read my About Page, you know I’m not here to convert. Some may believe that isn’t a very Christian way to be.

But if I was a spokeswoman for Christianity, there would be a lot of head shaking, sighs, and blushing going on in Heaven. I’d probably get struck down by lightening after my first attempt; because I’m impulsive, intolerant, prideful, impatient and those aren’t even my worst qualities.

I keep to myself not because I’m scared of bringing people to Christ, but because I’d most likely scare ’em away. God gives gifts, but my talents aren’t in the missionary, teaching, diplomacy, or public relations fields. I am a writer; how good I am is debatable.

When it comes to going out and sharing the faith, well-meaning, Bible-based words hurt and ruffle feathers. Some people say, “Good, let them be ruffled because the truth is better than comfort.” Which is my stance on most everything. Others say, “Believe what you want, just don’t bother others.” Which I think is so sweet in theory.

Then there’s the fishers of men teaching, which every Christian worth their salt knows. But for every verse about discipleship and obedience there is one about love and compassion. Just like for every verse about understanding there’s one for self-discipline.

Not tryna argue doctrine, just explaining why I don’t actively recruit ’em for #teamChrist. You see, I believe unprepared, unqualified missionaries are the biggest enemy to the Christian faith. More specifically: know-it-all, temporary missionaries of convenience.

If even lifeless instruments, such as the flute or the harp, do not give distinct notes, how will anyone know what is played? – 1 Corinthians 14:7

God gave us unique gifts to perform different tasks according to His will. If you’re one of those people who are good with people, good at listening, good at explaining Christianity to someone who needs to hear about it, then great! Perhaps you’re being called to minister.

woman drinking and smoking a cigarette

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I know, I know, “God doesn’t call us to do what we think we can do but what He can do through us.” And you’re probably thinking about the fact that Moses had a speech impediment. Moses also had Aaron, his spokesman.

All’s I’m saying is that some people lead others to Christianity and some people… are blessed in other areas.*

Again, I know people mean well. We all mean well. But those who appoint themselves without having gone to God for guidance end up making a fool of themselves and Christianity. And if you’re going to go fishing for men, please pray first.

Before talking about Christianity to non-Christians, pray then speak. Anyone can quote the Bible. Only believers pray.

But, for FYI, in the unlikely event I was approached by someone who wanted to know about my faith, I’d tell them:

  1. Life sucks.
  2. Humanity needs saving.
  3. Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.
  4. I believe He is the key to my Salvation.

And that’s as far as I go in the noble quest of recruitment.


*Blessed in other areas: ladylike response to someone who is severely coming up short in one area.