Nobody’s Guide to Christianity

If you’ve read my About Page, you know I’m not here to convert. Some may believe that isn’t a very Christian way to be.

But if I was a spokeswoman for Christianity, there would be a lot of head shaking, sighs, and blushing going on in Heaven. I’d probably get struck down by lightening after my first attempt; because I’m impulsive, intolerant, prideful, impatient and those aren’t even my worst qualities.

I keep to myself not because I’m scared of bringing people to Christ, but because I’d most likely scare ’em away. God gives gifts, but my talents aren’t in the missionary, teaching, diplomacy, or public relations fields. I am a writer; how good I am is debatable.

When it comes to going out and sharing the faith, well-meaning, Bible-based words hurt and ruffle feathers. Some people say, “Good, let them be ruffled because the truth is better than comfort.” Which is my stance on most everything. Others say, “Believe what you want, just don’t bother others.” Which I think is so sweet in theory.

Then there’s the fishers of men teaching, which every Christian worth their salt knows. But for every verse about discipleship and obedience there is one about love and compassion. Just like for every verse about understanding there’s one for self-discipline.

Not tryna argue doctrine, just explaining why I don’t actively recruit ’em for #teamChrist. You see, I believe unprepared, unqualified missionaries are the biggest enemy to the Christian faith. More specifically: know-it-all, temporary missionaries of convenience.

If even lifeless instruments, such as the flute or the harp, do not give distinct notes, how will anyone know what is played? – 1 Corinthians 14:7

God gave us unique gifts to perform different tasks according to His will. If you’re one of those people who are good with people, good at listening, good at explaining Christianity to someone who needs to hear about it, then great! Perhaps you’re being called to minister.

woman drinking and smoking a cigarette

photo credit: evans

I know, I know, “God doesn’t call us to do what we think we can do but what He can do through us.” And you’re probably thinking about the fact that Moses had a speech impediment. Moses also had Aaron, his spokesman.

All’s I’m saying is that some people lead others to Christianity and some people… are blessed in other areas.*

Again, I know people mean well. We all mean well. But those who appoint themselves without having gone to God for guidance end up making a fool of themselves and Christianity. And if you’re going to go fishing for men, please pray first.

Before talking about Christianity to non-Christians, pray then speak. Anyone can quote the Bible. Only believers pray.

But, for FYI, in the unlikely event I was approached by someone who wanted to know about my faith, I’d tell them:

  1. Life sucks.
  2. Humanity needs saving.
  3. Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.
  4. I believe He is the key to my Salvation.

And that’s as far as I go in the noble quest of recruitment.


*Blessed in other areas: ladylike response to someone who is severely coming up short in one area.

41 thoughts on “Nobody’s Guide to Christianity

  1. “Anyone can quote the Bible. Only believers pray.”

    I love it. I absolutely love it.

    I have so many posts singing the chorus to what you say here.

    I am reminded of a friend of my daughter; she said her church was taking Christianity to Africa. What ?!?! My advice to evangelicals was “do your homework, first.”. Save yourself some embarrassment, and the church some repair work.

    I am always being ‘given advice’ because I choose not to get into controversies; I preach Jesus’ 2nd commandment. I will let others ‘exhort.’. They seem to be so much better at it, and more willing to do it, than I am. But I remind them of the Hippocratic Oath: Do No Harm. They seldom know it is intended for doctors and if necessary, I’m sure I could find scripture that says the same thing.

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  2. You nailed it! Even if you don’t consider yourself an evangelist, you are proclaiming Christ as Lord and what He stands for, therefore you are being obedient. Don’t trip, It is nobody’s job to convert, simply to share His truth. The Holy Spirit is the only One that cam convert hearts to repentance, to Him. Bible thumping and abrasive legalism pushes people so far away If anyone disagrees I urge you to pray on it because only God can illuminate the truth in our hearts. Live life according to Luke 10:27 and He will do the rest.
    God bless you for your unflinching honesty and desire to obey Him

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  3. Exactly, Kitsy! You’re right on the target. True evangelicals have to be well versed and prepared to answer the tough questions, educated in a little bit of everything, and so much more. You’re absolutely right! Wonderfully said!

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  4. In response to “rawdiscipleblog,” I wrote a post a while back titled “All I need to do is show up,” in which I talk about planting seeds and embedding sand. God does the rest.

    God bless…and happy mother’s day.

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  5. I wonder if your title: “Nobody’s Guide to Christianity” is necessarily the summary of what you said. Can you know if some people will start thinking about the faith as they see you or read some of your posts.

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  6. I do agree with you partially. We as humans can really bumble things up and be turn offs for Christianity. Like one of the other comment makers said, conversion is the work of the Spirit. We just may be the tool. I agree with you that evangelism is not the gift of everyone. It’s certainly not my gift! But. (yeah, you felt that coming.) This does not excuse anybody from doing what they can about the Great Commission. Does that mean that we have to pour our lives into verbally trying to convert people. No. You are right, we all have our gifts. I enjoy reading the inspiration you post on here. (It’s another kinda preachin’!)
    But do evangelize if the time and place arrives. Peter was an untrained fisherman. How many were converted by the Spirit through his preaching at Pentecost?!
    Just because a child can’t bike, doesn’t mean he can’t learn. He may always be better at something else, but he can still learn to bike.
    Keep writing! This is evangelism too! 🙂

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  7. I get what you mean, you’re right. I know my post didn’t give any scenario specifics but if I felt moved by the Spirit to share my story with someone who asks, I’d tell them. Thank you for your comment, blessings!

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  8. Laurie says:

    If you look at the stories of the disciples and Jesus, you know they taught by the stories they shared and the lives they lived. None of them were perfect. Share what you are comfortable sharing (I often step outside my comfort zone because I feel that is what I am called to do). It is not about trying to convert people, it is about sharing our faith and what works for us and why. Follow your heart, soul and your own calling. That’s where you excel. ♥

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  9. When it comes to religion I take the AA road…..”attraction rather than promotion”. Hopefully I’m living a life that will lead people to ask, “What are you on?” And then we talk about faith.

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  10. That’s exactly right! I agree. If we’re doing what we supposed to, our daily walk with the Lord make the best advertisement. Authentic and more effective than any pamphlet. Thanks for your comment!


  11. Thank you Rae and your readers for a wonderful string of interesting, honest and useful thoughts on this topic.

    I am quite happy to share any of my experiences in the hope that they might be useful to others. I think people who listen have already been prepared by the Holy Spirit. I avoid arguing with people who aren’t ready to hear – even if we think they may not be saved, we should not be using this as a reason to convince them to believe.

    Peace and love to all,

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  12. Right you are! It’s so sad that misguided, well-meaning, Christians approach non-believers so forcefully they end up pushing them away. Sharing one’s testimony is perfectly fine. But using the Bible as a weapon, not cool.


  13. Glad I came across your post. Two thumbs up for the honesty. I’ve personally been going back and forth with this in my mind and with God, because I’m one of those introverted, moody, etc. writers. Yet, there’s apologist in me that can’t help but try to defend Christianity, whether through debate or through writing. So I just write, and pray that my written words say the truth that my mouth would normally make a mess of.

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  14. Yes! I was struggle with that, too. So I prayed and finally realized that God made us different for a reason. Sure there are some things we all can do, like share our stories and live good lives. But some of us have specific callings. I’m glad you use what God has given you to express your faith. Stay strong!


  15. Many years ago, I heard a quote on the radio that has kept me on the straight and narrow (in regards to any arrogance), “Don’t judge Christianity by Christians, judge Christianity by Christ!” Don’t you think that the best we can do is to share our honest lives with each other and depend on God? Oftentimes, it is not pretty, but it does allow God to show up!

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  16. This post can put the average Christian at a stand still because it may not fit what they have heard or been taught. I fully understand what you are saying, and I definitely agree. I am reminded of what Jesus said in His teachings. We are like a city set on a hill. We cannot be hid. Our light should shine so that people ask the question or make a statement concerning who we are. Last month my former roommate said that I have peace. She made the statement in a manner which caused me to tell her why I had peace. Although she declared during one of our one-side arguments that she does not believe in “my” God. Yet she questioned my peace. That’s what I’m talking about. An open door to give a little info at a time instead of all at once. Be careful what we say, and how we present ourselves. Then the questions will come, but we have to give measured answers. Then the light will come.

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  17. I love the “anyone an quote the Bible. Only believers pray!” Awesome! I believe what speaks louder then any words is our actions. Love through actions is truly the only way to show what God is all about!

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  18. savedbyapardoninggrace says:

    Thank you so much for this! I try very hard to make my faith evident in how I act, how I talk, and more importantly, how I write. I’m not a great speaker. I’m not good at explaining things verbally, especially something that is almost inexplainable—my faith. I would much rather show people my faith, and God’s love. I would much rather write it out for them. And I believe that God has given me these gifts of writing and of true caring for a reason. I believe that He wants me to use these gifts to help lead others to Christ. I’m not one who will go out of my way to reach out with my faith to others. I won’t just blurt out to the next stranger on the street, “Jesus loves you!” In fact, I probably won’t even approach that stranger unless they drop something or approach me first. My apologies. I didn’t mean to write a whole other blog post here. Thank you for the reminder that not everyone has to go out into the mission field. Some of us were meant to stay home and be supportive to our fellow Christians who are in the mission field. Some of us were simply meant to speak the Gospel, not in the spoken word, but in the written word, in the encouragement that we give to our brothers and sisters. And for the record, from what I have read of your writing, you were very blessed in this area. 🙂

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  19. I appreciate your response! I feel the same way! The best way to show what we believe is by living it. Kind of like a movie (if you pardon the comparison) we don’t have to read the script to appreciate the film. I think people who see what we have in Christ will eventually seek it for themselves. And sounds to me like you’re passionate and talented and probably have led/will lead people to the right path without it even being your primary intent! Bless you (:

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  20. 2btrue says:

    Like your blend of humor and honesty. It is very true on your points of how people share the Lord…we have constructed various “sharing routines”, which are unnecessary. Yes, the saving job is up to His Spirit, no matter how the message gets out. But, we do need to pray and seek Him and allow His voice to shine through.

    Well done.

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  21. Most of all we must love others rather than preach to them. I just want to say that the modern Church has completely abdicated her responsibility to work miracles! We’ve put preaching in the place of healing & prophecy. Jesus never expected us to win the world without supernatural expressions of the Holy Spirit.

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  22. You make some good points. I read The Master Plan of Evagelism and basically the books talks about how discipleship should be more natural, a life on life approach. As we welcome people into our life, loving on them, and being real, the Holy Spirit will do the necessary work on their heart. We just need to be available and definitely, as you suggested, praying 🙂 I think it’s also important to keep in mind where God wants to use us. As Paul said, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.” 1 Corinthians 3:6 Thanks for the post! I so appreciate your honesty.

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  23. My favorite evangelist is the man in John ch9 who was healed and the religious folk kept asking questions about Jesus. The man finally says, “Hey, all I know is I was blind and now I see.” He is like you. If all us believers would lay down our walls and simply be honest there would be great revival.
    You visited my blog today, thanks! I’m glad I stopped by. What else are you writing?

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  24. AR says:

    Thank you for this! I feel the same way about evangelism. His kingdom would multiply infinitely if we all just worked with what He’s given us! Your blog is an awesome example of how to spread the Gospel “naturally,” if you know what I mean. Blessings to you!

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  25. I LOVE you – all the bad and ugly – I am so grateful that there are others in the world like me – lol. I am tired of those that run around thumping people on the head with a bible. God is in control, we don’t have to take over everyone’s journey by force.

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  26. tugoffaith says:

    I really enjoyed your post because, I, too have a lot of difficulty “proselytizing.” My Dad is always trying to get me to hand out tracts with him and I keep telling him I’m absolutely NOT called to do that!! I much prefer to do community service and have people then ask me why I’m doing it, and about my faith, etc.

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  27. Rae I am new to blogging ..and yours is the first I’ve read n commented on – GREAT STUFF!! I love to share my Faith n probably say all the wrong things..but I know God has given me a passion and JOY ..I love to tell stories n write too..but I especially love that your post reminds us that God made us all unique..special..HE IS THE POTTER, WE ARE THE CLAY. Trying to be something we are not is is soul destroying. I have spent years trying to curb my enthusiasm or quieten my loud voice..but you know what/ This is who I am and God made you and I differently..but with the same love for both of us. We are sisters in the family of Christ and I celebrate our differences as well as our unity. God Bless

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