Is Guest Blogging Still a Thing?

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I am relatively new to the blog game. I love learning and growing in my “skills” but with daily onslaught of trends that come as rapidly as they go, I’m left wondering which trends are in and which are out.

I’ve been thinking about guest blogging for awhile, especially after it was brought to my attention by a fellow Christian blogger, Erica.

It seemed like an awesome idea to help bloggers get exposure. I’ve seen blogs with great content and I think, “How is it they don’t have a whole slew of followers?”

The answer: Talent gets dominated by cheap marketing tactics and tech savvy.

We live in an age where you have to know to promote yourself first and foremost. If you have something worth promoting- all the better. Not vice versa. How fudged up is that?

Technology makes the mediocre incredible. Or should I say makes the incredible mediocre?

But the topic at hand: Is guest blogging still a thing? I did some research aka I googled guest blogging. Phew, what work! Here’s what I discovered…

Reasons To Guest Blog:

  1. Exposure – Helps drive more traffic to your site by posting on someone else’s.
  2. Authority – Having someone more experienced guest post for you gives your site a bit more authority in whatever topic you’re interested in.
  3. Create Connections – Interacting with other bloggers on a guest post level seems like a good way to network.

Reason Not To Guest Blog:

  1. Spam – Spammers are like drunken frat boys. They wanna stick their link in anywhere they can as often as they can. If you moderate your comments, you probably know spammers are relentless and shameless. And they exploit guest posting in a big way. Spam emails, spam links, post your site to spam sites, etc.. They could even get you in trouble with search engines.

I was seriously considering guest blogging, but now I’m really not sure. The cons have a greater magnitude than the pros. And the trouble doesn’t seem worth the effort.

What do you think? In 2016, is guest blogging an antiquated practice or does it still have its place on respectable blogs?


29 thoughts on “Is Guest Blogging Still a Thing?

  1. Jack C. Preston says:

    I think that guest blogging is still fine as long as you can trust he person not to take advantage of it (at the expense of your blog) and that the content is relevant and fits with your audience.

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  2. No matter what humans do, someone always pees in the pool. With guest blogging, it depends entirely on the blog, blogger, guest and topic. My blog has had submissions to the Tales of the Blue Moon. That works. I cannot however think of any other form of guest blogging that would work on my blog.

    I would say view guest blogging on a case by case, blog by blog basis. Does the guest post fit the blog?

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  3. I love some of this slang: “pees in the pool,” “drunken frat boys sticking their…”

    Personally, I am going in the opposite direction. It seems I picked up a Trojan (no punnish reference to the frat boys) through WordPress so I will be building my own website using pure, clean HTML (no third party anything) and since I purchased my domain, I will be taking it with me. Although I only have a few (30) registered followers, I have handed out a few hundred business cards with my web addresses on them to people I meet in doctors offices, restaurants, etc. Apparently these viewers don’t get counted in the stats.

    I will announce when I go ‘indie;’ I have to wait until the end of June…domain registration rules.

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  4. It happened using WordPress; WordPress uses GCM…as do a lot of other things. GCM can, and has, carried Android – infecting malware. It’s a thing. Look it up. I ‘liked’ a fellow blogger’s post and when I did, my cell phone (an Android) took a selfie of my shoulder. WordPress has yet to give me an explanation; it’s “still being investigated.”

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  5. I’ve contributed to a couple of other blogs when asked – good (not great) exposure, nice ego boost to be asked.

    I’ve never agreed to take an unsolicited guest post, as all of those that I’ve received have smelled of spam. I have co-authored a few posts with other bloggers, and that can be good experience.

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  6. That’s crazy! I’ll have to look it up. Another question, do you do wordpress from a desktop application or from the site?


  7. Gene, on a scale of 1 (least) to 10 (most) what would you rank the exposure you got from guest blogging?? Just an average


  8. I’ve uninstalled WordPress from my Android phone. I may have to clean it off and reinstall the OS. The desktop way, using the internet browser is a different animal but I have been infected there using Verizon’s Cloud. I am gradually working my way to being out of reach.

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  9. I’m going to say 2, maybe 3. It’s about the same level as commenting on other blogs & syndicated stuff (another ego boost). Twitter gets the best response, but that’s still half of what I get from Google.

    All this is based on my tech blog which is about 5 years old & has an established following (my faith blog is too new to judge anything by). YMMV given the difference in topic.

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  10. You know, that sounds about right. I didn’t think the possible payoff would be worth the time. I appreciate your feedback, it gave me better perspective.

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  11. I guess I’m a control freak…..and I’m ancient. The entire idea of social media was tough enough for me to wrap my brain around, and then to throw my stuff out there for folks from every part of the globe to chew on. No, I like the comfort of knowing that everything seen on my site is….MINE.
    Even so, I sometimes fret about everything that goes bump in the night like spam (no longer a great cheap protein), hackers, Trojans, etc. Enjoy your blog and trust in the cyber gods.

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  12. I feel ya on that! I’m not a big fan of social media, either. Mainly because it disgusts me how now anyone with a this or that account is a pseudo-journalist. But that’s a rant for another day lol


  13. So you’re thinking of letting others blog from your blog? Or did you mean that you’d be writing for someone else?

    You have a quote unique style though! Some people may simply like your style of writing and relate to your thoughts and observations. Would they relate to somebody else in the same way? They might not!

    In my case – practically nobody reads my blog. I just started out. But I’m thinking that I’m writing just as much for myself as for others. I kind of wish more people would read it, but I’m not going to use any tricks or techniques. So I’m not going to try to get more readers. I’ll just continue writing one post a day for myself if nothing else.

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  14. Guest blogging could go either way, and I write for myself first. But writing, to me, is best when shared. I have a journal for the really real stuff but the blog for things I’d like to share with others. Again, everyone has their own purposes for blogging and there’s no wrong reason (:


  15. Not sure if its still a thing or not but my thought is it shouldn’t really matter perhaps god has placed it on your heart for a reason. Perhaps you doing it will bring a lot of good and what you share might reach someone who wouldn’t see it otherwise and could end up changing someone’s life. I say if you feel in your heart that it has worth then you should totally do it! =). Good luck with ur decisio . I hope good things come ur way no matter what path u decide to take god bless you! =)

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  16. Your very welcome! Yes I agree and by helping one person it could reach and help many people cause of one small act of kindness. As long as it could help even one person I believe the effort Is always worth it just follow your heart. I just hope my words helped

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  17. When I first started my blog on WordPress I thought “I could do it all by myself”. Then I started teaching about content journaling and realized I needed help. I chose 4 people who I know well to write some posts for me. I think the trick is, to pick people you know and trust and secondly respond to posts that you feel strongly about or have some expertise in the subject. Sometimes I get frustrated because I look forward to comments and what sometimes happens they are a) spam b) not relevant, or c) no response at all! I am also not computer savy, which s why you won’t find many videos (except maybe 2). As of this moment in time, I have yet to be asked to write post for someone else. I have been asked to write book reviews though.

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  18. Great topic. I’ve posted articles from others before, with their permission ( not sure if that is called guest blogging), and have been invited to share in other venues, websites, magazines. All I know is that if the Lord leads, follow. It’s all for His glory anyway. Sometimes things work out, sometimes not ( I’ve had both cases), but “in all things God works things together for the good of those who love the Lord …” (Romans 8:28) So it’s always a happy ending 😊

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  19. I really don’t understand the idea of guest blogging… i don’t how it works.. okay… imagine i want to guest blog in your blog, know what i need to ask you if there is no problem? i don’t would be great if someone explain me! please


  20. Hi. This is a great post. It’s good that you’ve laid out the advantages and disadvantages of guest blogging. I think that the disadvantage could be drastically minimized by filtering comments. For me, the advantages outweighs the disadvantages if measures are taken to avoid the fall backs of guest blogging. I personally think that the blogosphere is a great avenue to share Jesus and guest blogging is one way of improving our sphere of influence for the glory of Christ. Thank you for this!

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  21. In my opinion, the advantages are greater than the disadvantages. Anyone who posts about photography should feel free to visit my site and head to the Contact page. There, you can find guest posting guidelines as well as a contact form. I would love to work with you and have you guest post on my site!

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