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lamented card with the words is guest blogging still a thing

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I am relatively new to the blog game. I love learning and growing in my “skills” but with daily onslaught of trends that come as rapidly as they go, I’m left wondering which trends are in and which are out.

I’ve been thinking about guest blogging for awhile, especially after it was brought to my attention by a fellow Christian blogger, Erica.

It seemed like an awesome idea to help bloggers get exposure. I’ve seen blogs with great content and I think, “How is it they don’t have a whole slew of followers?”

The answer: Talent gets dominated by cheap marketing tactics and tech savvy.

We live in an age where you have to know to promote yourself first and foremost. If you have something worth promoting- all the better. Not vice versa. How fudged up is that?

Technology makes the mediocre incredible. Or should I say makes the incredible mediocre?

But the topic at hand: Is guest blogging still a thing? I did some research aka I googled guest blogging. Phew, what work! Here’s what I discovered…

Reasons To Guest Blog:

  1. Exposure – Helps drive more traffic to your site by posting on someone else’s.
  2. Authority – Having someone more experienced guest post for you gives your site a bit more authority in whatever topic you’re interested in.
  3. Create Connections – Interacting with other bloggers on a guest post level seems like a good way to network.

Reason Not To Guest Blog:

  1. Spam – Spammers are like drunken frat boys. They wanna stick their link in anywhere they can as often as they can. If you moderate your comments, you probably know spammers are relentless and shameless. And they exploit guest posting in a big way. Spam emails, spam links, post your site to spam sites, etc.. They could even get you in trouble with search engines.

I was seriously considering guest blogging, but now I’m really not sure. The cons have a greater magnitude than the pros. And the trouble doesn’t seem worth the effort.

What do you think? In 2016, is guest blogging an antiquated practice or does it still have its place on respectable blogs?