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Yes, I still have my panties in a bunch over this. I’ve already written a post on Target’s mission statement and Target’s lack of propriety. But after getting my daily dose of what’s going on in the world, I have reason to be even more agitated.

Wildmon (President of American Family Assocation) asked the following question in regards to why Target switched up their policies:

“[W]hat precipitated this? Was there a clamoring of men in women’s dresses who were upset because they wanted to use the women’s dressing area? They said they were responding to their customers.”

Target’s mouthpieces were unable to explain exactly why they even chose to change the bathroom policy in the first place. There was no incident that forced Target to change things up. It was intentional.

After seeing the new Target commercials, I get it.

If you haven’t seen them, there’s one of a little boy and little girl dressed as male super heroes. There one with Hispanics that’s completely in Spanish. They have one with girls of all body types in bikinis.

I get it now. The bathroom policy was just a portion of a whole thing they’re doing. They’ve implemented an entirely new marketing strategy.

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I guess we have to take the good with the bad.

Out with the old, in with the new. Sorry folks, Target has a new market it’s seducing. Those with family traditions can basically kiss Target’s assets. 😥