I guess that makes sense, Target.

Yes, I still have my panties in a bunch over this. I’ve already written a post on Target’s mission statement and Target’s lack of propriety. But after getting my daily dose of what’s going on in the world, I have reason to be even more agitated.

Wildmon (President of American Family Assocation) asked the following question in regards to why Target switched up their policies:

“[W]hat precipitated this? Was there a clamoring of men in women’s dresses who were upset because they wanted to use the women’s dressing area? They said they were responding to their customers.”

Target’s mouthpieces were unable to explain exactly why they even chose to change the bathroom policy in the first place. There was no incident that forced Target to change things up. It was intentional.

After seeing the new Target commercials, I get it.

If you haven’t seen them, there’s one of a little boy and little girl dressed as male super heroes. There one with Hispanics that’s completely in Spanish. They have one with girls of all body types in bikinis.

I get it now. The bathroom policy was just a portion of a whole thing they’re doing. They’ve implemented an entirely new marketing strategy.

target stock may 13

I guess we have to take the good with the bad.

Out with the old, in with the new. Sorry folks, Target has a new market it’s seducing. Those with family traditions can basically kiss Target’s assets. 😥


12 thoughts on “I guess that makes sense, Target.

  1. I admire your honesty, Rae. And your determination to out Target’s ulterior motives in publicizing their bathroom policy. I think Target ‘targets’ more liberal, progressive consumers. And their new bathroom policy is a great way to win over those consumers.
    Which brings up an interesting subject, actually– are we responsible for where we spend our money? Is shopping at Target akin to transgressing our personal values?
    I hate to even bring up ethics in our consumer-driven culture. Because if we are going to steward our money with an eye on the values of specific retailers and corporations, then we need to start looking at where and how the things we buy are sourced and produced. If you decide to go down this rabbit hole, and you are an ethical person with traditional values, prepare yourself to be abhorred… And see a greedy world so steeped in sin, you will never be the same. Child labor, blatant workforce exploitations, horrendous working conditions– all so we Americans can have more stuff at a cheap price. Target’s marketing strategy is just the tip of the iceberg that is the result of our relentless pursuit of MORE, at the price of human dignity and fair trade:(

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  2. You’re absolutely right. Target isn’t the first company that changed up it’s strategy and it won’t be the last. I figured who Target was targeting when they started implementing commercials in a different language. I know the world of consumerism is ugly and people don’t realize that cheap prices don’t just happen. I personally avoid shopping at larger retail companies ie Walmart. And hadn’t shopped at Target since last year. But living in this world, there’s sin everywhere. And if we’re really gonna go down that rabbit hole, it’s not even just business. It’s people. Right back to Adam and Eve. I’m just curious as to see how this all plays out. You ask some good questions. Is shopping at Target akin to transgressing our personal values? I think everyday we’re bombarded with choices that transgress personal values. Unfortunately we can’t all or nothing it, not in this day and age. Just like people don’t lose weight by starving themselves, but rather taking it one choice at a time. Shopping at Target is just one decision. They make it an easy one for those with traditional family values. So ofc people are going to boycott.

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  3. Good post.

    Slight disagreement on one point though. A company shouldn’t be disallowed from taking stands just because they are publicly traded. (Though in this case, I don’t agree with Target.) Sometimes stands need to be taken and the directors and officers should engage in those fights as necessary.

    The problem is that the market will reward or punish the company accordingly. That leads to a culture of directors and officers shying away from controversy so that they keep their jobs.

    I’m not a big boycott guy, but if a company isn’t doing “right,” we should pay them (or not pay them) via shopping elsewhere, selling their stock or other similar things.

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  4. That’s okay, I actually think you have a good point. At the end of the day, the market has the final say for businesses. Thanks for your comment!


  5. “I think everyday we’re bombarded with choices that transgress personal values.”

    Amen to that, Sister!

    I struggle with where my personal responsibility begins and ends. I also tend towards idealism. And this combination can make for a very unhappy me;)

    I guess I don’t see the value in boycotts. How do they serve God? I mean, would having Target renege on an inclusive bathroom policy really serve Him? WHO would it serve? Would it serve the stranger, the widow, the orphaned, the hungry, the naked, the thirsty, the imprisoned, or the sick among us? Because that’s who we are called to serve in Christ: the people that find themselves on the outskirts of our society. The minority, the oppressed, those spiritually and/or physically impoverished. God cares about people, and it’s people that care about causes. God calls us to act directly to offer comfort to those along our path that are in need of it. A boycott undertaken because we don’t like a bathroom policy, sounds a lot like a human endeavor, and I don’t believe it’s one He could get behind. Which means, it cannot serve Him nor the people He calls us to serve. We are not called to serve our own sense of rightness. Not ever. Because:
    “We all have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous deeds are like a filthy cloth.” Isaiah 64:6a

    If our best attempts at doing good aren’t enough to make us anything other than run- of-the-mill sinners, then why do we seek to do righteous deeds at all?

    How you answer this question will define you as a Christian. It will pave the path you choose through life– and determine your ability to see Christ working in and around you.

    Peace to you, dear friend:)

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  6. You’re right on the money, I personally don’t see the boycott as related to my faith because to me there is no connection between my journey with Christ and where people go pee at Target. I’m just a fanatic bout some things and this is one that gets me started lol. But all worldly things aside, peace be to you too (: and may God help us both make good choices when it comes to the important things: following Christ. God bless and have a wonderful Sunday!

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  7. You have a keen intuition for what motivates human beings and their corporations– that’s a spiritual gift, girlfriend. One of discernment. It will take you far in your quest to follow Christ:)

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  8. Target seems like an extreme organisation. But at least in the US you have some Christian businesses to support, right?

    I can hardly take it anymore. In my own country (Sweden) it’s beginning to feel like the most extreme bible prophecies about the end times are kicking in. It’s total lunacy on so many fronts.

    It’s political correctness headquarters of the planet. People are picking it up from US media.
    Then they are coming up with even more extreme versions of the very worst politically correct excesses in the US. And the consensus culture, i.e. ALL media gets behind it.

    Anyone who doesn’t agree with is a chauvinist, anti-woman, racist, homophobic hater. Because they don’t think that there should be a pride parade with bare chested pupils, in state schools, for instance. (most recent example)

    And any Christian who believes in God is considered a crazy brainwashed sect member.
    I’m in the UK at the moment. Almost as crazy here and in all of Western Europe.
    Only in the Eastern European countries and Russia have people escaped it.

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  9. Sweden? Wow! I hear Sweden is really progressive. I’m fascinated to hear that it’s like that. How do you deal with so much…”progression “


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