God’s Favorite Sitcom

I’m a super frugal shopper. Before each trip, I arm myself with a list and coupons. I usually buy things on sale and avoid impulse spending with one odd exception.

When I find an item out of place with no visible copies- I buy it.

Maybe it’s superstition, who knows? But when I see such an item it shouts:

“Hey Rae, buy me. I’m special. There’s nothing in this store like me. I’m out of place and unique. And you need to bring me home.”

I was shopping for pieces to put in my daughter’s room. Because right now, her current bedroom theme is, “cheap lazy Momma chic.”

The look I’m going for is, “Dream Big Colorful.” With vibrant colors and positivity.

In my quest, I stumbled across a little frame saying: Our family must be God’s favorite sitcom.

I’m sure there are mass versions of it, but I didn’t see any. The individuality of it plus the price was all I needed to justify tossing it in the buggy.

It got me thinking… It might be true.

I imagine the good Lord looked down one day. Seeing me pursue a life like the Wolfess of Wall Street and said to His angels, “Hey, y’all watch this! Her hero is fixin’ to go from Jeff Skilling to Jesus Christ.”

In this exaggerated mental scene my imagination concocted, there are a few angels that went, “Nuh uh! She’s hopeless. So far gone and doesn’t even know it!”

And then the Lord goes, “Alright, it’s a bet!”

Despite the growing pains, depression, and frustration, the lessons of the past year have not been lost on me. I’m actually grateful for them.

I keep the impulsively purchased frame in my living room as a reminder that even though I don’t understand why life happens the way it does, God is always watching.

The bad. The good. The situationally ironic.

None of it escapes Him.


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