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I hate hypocrisy. There’s nothing wrong with being wrong because we’re all wrong and Christ took care of those wrongs.

But being wrong and presenting yourself as right- that’s beyond wrong. That’s just… just dirty.

I have an entire section dedicated to my business-related blog posts because marketing, finance, and economics absolutely fascinate me. In fact, until I had my recent ‘Come to Jesus,’ my religion wasn’t Christianity- it was Capitalism. And my idol was money.

So I get it.

Luckily God set me straight and I’m not as misguided as I once was.

But the more I learn about business and the sweetheart of free enterprise, the more my stomach churns with disgust. The more grateful I become that God yanked me away from the monster I was trying so desperately to feed.

  • Through painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life. (Genesis 3:17)
  • By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground. (Genesis 3:19)

I’m not against business because it provides jobs. And jobs are important for us to provide for ourselves and our families. Even though I consider myself a conservative- I also recognize earning a living isn’t just a human right. It’s a human punishment.

Sorry my dear brothers and sisters on the right. The Garden of Eden didn’t have a free market economy. Everyone had their needs taken care of for free. Talk about unbalanced wealth distribution lol.

But that was God’s perfection.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in the Garden of Eden. We live in the Garden of Economics. That means working for the things we need. Laboring to put food on our tables and clothes on our backs.

Since the downfall of Adam and Eve, by necessity, we had to serve two masters. God and the ground. We worship God. Thank God. Pray to God. But our time and energy goes to the ground.

The dirt.

Where we are destined to end up after we breathe our last breath. There we will remain unless we’ve been saved.

So here I am. Trying to stay focused on Christ and the end game. While spending my time and energy earning a living to provide for my family. It doesn’t seem so bad. I like being able to pay my bills and feed my daughter. I like to take it further and buy nice things. Get my nails done. Have cute outfits. #materialism

But I have discernment.

A company tells new hires that integrity is its highest priority. What that really means is, “Don’t fuck with company resources. When you’re on the clock, you belong to the company. Forget that and you’re out of here.”

Sure they’ll church it up by throwing out words like “integrity” and “ethics.” But integrity means doing the right thing regardless of the cost. Not doing the right thing only if the reward is greater than the cost.

If you have a job, or have ever had a job, you know I speak the truth.

You’ve probably been faced with countless decisions to do the right thing and help out a customer/client, or ignore what you feel to be right in order to meet quotas, increase profits, comply with company policies and procedures, etc.

That’s understandable.

People will ignore their consciences and obey orders from anyone so long as those orders come from a seemingly authoritative entity (proven by the Milgram Experiment).

It’s an icky fact that we all compromise our faith on a regular basis to maintain certain lifestyles.

The nature of the beast is that we have to work. More often than not, we have to work for business entities that have no sense of right and wrong outside of their financial statements.

How I feel about companies calling their policies and procedures “ethical” is the same way the security officer felt about Joe Dirt calling himself Joe “Dirte.”

“Don’t try to church it up, son. Don’t you mean dirt?”

Let’s be real and stop pretending like company protocols are about ethics. Because we all know they’re about economics.

About money.

About dirt.