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Note: I think it is super important for Christians read their Bibles. Routinely. Why? Well read my post, “Just do it,” for the details. Or read my Bible study section where I walk through the amazing impact daily Bible study has on a person. Wherever you are in your faith, make sure it is built on the truths of the Bible. And if I ever use wording or phrasing that suggests the Bible isn’t important- chalk it up to miscommunication.

I don’t often reblog but this deserved it. In Christianity, there’s too much fake fluff and not enough real rough. If God has given you a life full of proof of His power and love, why not share that? Idk ’bout you guys, but my God is, “I am,” not, “I was.” He isn’t confined to the pages of an old book. Or limited to miracles performed in the past.

Operation Torchlight

We live in a very fake world.

As cliche as it sounds, it’s the barest truths that create the very cliches we roll our eyes at hearing. We roll our eyes at cliches because we’re tired of hearing them. And we’re tired of hearing them because the problems they reflect never seem anywhere close to resolution.

In this life we see: fake friends, fake love, fake food, fake modesty, fake body parts. And, yes, even fake faith. It’s an illusion; the Buddhists call it “Maya.” Veneer exist to hide blemishes and scars, the ugly things we don’t want others to see, and the ugly things we don’t want to deal with ourselves.

I get it. Really, I do. The truth not only hurts, but it’s often ugly. And the truth is this: our world is falling apart, and no amount of buff-n’-shine, Botox, and Band-Aids wrapped in political correctness can…

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20 thoughts on “Real Talk

  1. Thanks, Rae. I commented on the other post about my ‘personal demons’ and referenced my post, “Dare to Change.”. I think we are ‘keeping it real’ by ‘taking it to the streets.’

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  2. “He isn’t confined to the pages of an old book. Or limited to miracles
    performed in the past.”

    I liked that. I wish my Nokia Asha 205 could give me the ability to reblog, then I’d have reblogged that. It’s so true.

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  3. His ‘old book’ doesn’t confine Him but it does reveal Him. I am all for the living active work of God in us, and us sharing it, demonstrating it but that ‘old book’ is our guide and the lamp to our feet that ensures we stay on track. I am uncomfortable with the way you seem to dismiss it as irrelevant and hope it’s just the turn of phrase and not your heart.

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  4. That old book which I reference in at least 30 other posts as the single most important aspect of building a solid foundation? Please don’t take a single sentence in one post that I’m dismissing the Bible when over half of my blog posts credit and reference it. If you feel uncomfortable with that sentence. Check out my Bible study section. Where I encourage everyone to read the Bible in its entirety on their own and regularly.


  5. Jules,

    “Since I’m Christian, a lot of what I post has Biblical origins. And I do mean a lot.”
    “If you don’t do regular Bible study, I strongly encourage it.”
    “I’ve really been transformed by the Word.”
    “But I do try to live a life as close to the Bible as possible.”
    “This morning I was doing Bible study in Proverbs and these are my personal notes.”
    “So looking at Numbers 22:21.”
    “The Bible isn’t just for ministers. It’s the Word of God. It’s Jesus’ instructions for how to live. Instructions! Everyone loves big ol’ instruction manuals, right?:)

    Well this one is different. It’s the rules and regulations of how to live a good life. A life that’ll keep you out of God’s trash bin.

    If you’re a Christian and haven’t read the whole Bible yet: Just do it. Stop procrastinating and get to reading. You’re not too busy for God. You are *not* too busy for God. If you think you are, evaluate your priorities.
    If you’re not sure where you stand and are allowing people’s interpretation of the Word of God to influence you: Stop. Even though others may illuminate and clarify things for you, they should never be your primary source of information when it comes to Christianity.
    Sitting down with a cup of coffee and a Bible a few minutes each day isn’t going to turn you into an extremist; but it will make you a better Christian.”

    I hope these sentences make you feel more comfortable? Believe me there are more Pro-Bible references around the blog.

    I understand where you’re coming from though. It’s easy to jump to conclusions when you make inferences on a single statement in a post about remembering that God is all He is in the Bible and so much more.


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  6. I’m not shooting the messenger. Lol people are always going to read very little and make bold assumptions. That’s humanity. And for those individuals who are prepared to share their unease over a sentence, I’ll just reference other sentences that paint a clearer picture of where I stand.


  7. Yeah, mainly because I realized that there was no point in ranting over people ignoring human compassion after one commentor began telling me that I was wrong in my Christianity for not dancing around like David and Jehoshaphat during times of emotional and mental struggle. At which point I sighed, prayed for patience, took the post down, and began to understand why so many people leave Christianity. Not because of Christ but because of misguided Christians. It’s actually pretty depressing. Needless to say, if I felt like dancing around with a tambourine- I certainly don’t feel like it now.

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  8. I agree!!

    I’ll add that its most important to do a thorough study of the Bible, without preconceived (denominational) biases to understand the truths that are there.
    I read the Bible four times one year, then studied it cover to cover. It took almost three years — twice per week and 2 to 5 hours per study. My perspectives changed with each reading, but my understanding evolved during and after the study.

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  9. Not at all, you were showing discernment. Because the Bible does warn of false prophets, people who speak on a God and a Christ that doesn’t match up according to the Bible. I was being arrogant to assume everyone would just take my word on something. I’m glad you mentioned because it gave me a chance to emphasize the importance of the Bible in a world that wants to operate outside of it. No harm (: Blessings brother!


  10. In the dialect of Upstate South Carolina: “Yeeeeuuuuuppp,” as my brother would say.

    I’m serious, though, in what I said to you…albeit, rather sternly: You already have the (Biblical, scriptural) knowledge, the (street) experience, and the resulting wisdom: with a deep (cleansing) breath of the Holy Spirit, let others’ short-sighted and inept responses roll off your back and show everyone the proper way to respond when someone needs compassion and guidance. You cannot fix them, but you can show them another way. Sometimes you need to respond with a “yes, but…” Other times, listen for a while until you see a convenient opportunity to gently nudge them to make a slight adjustment in their understanding.

    You are a leader, now. A qualified teacher. Ranting…like hating…doesn’t do it. For ideas, read my posts : “Edges first…then work your way in” and “What do people do, who don’t have Jesus?”

    For many (too many) years I ranted and bitched…and only did more damage. Being a bitter blogger does no one any good…especially oneself. I know it is in you…I’ve seen it. The Holy Spirit is able to speak through you. Go for it.

    Buck up…you are God’s emissary…Jesus’ ambassador. That is reason enough for dancing…with or without a tambourine.

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  11. *Rae, it’s all part of the process of perfecting ourselves through Christ. It’s what the Father wants. God knows your true heart. Some of your readers know only bits & pieces—what you share when you wear your heart on your sleeve much of the time.

    One of the characteristics I see is someone who plays with a “no holds barred,” but also with a stern meekness that grabs the attention of the reading viewer. It’s as though the Holy Spirit is reaching through you and knocking on the reader’s head saying, “wake up in there, time’s a wasting, train leaves soon hop aboard before it’s too late.”

    God bless you for your ministry. You’re reaching countless numbers of lives for Christ. He’s watching. That’s what counts. Keep being *Rae and the person God is continually molding you into. I look forward to seeing your name pop up on my reader timeline… /FB

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  12. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words! You’ve challenged me to be better and comments like yours remind me that growing in Christ means just that. Growing. When I find myself ready to rant and rave about the world around me, that’s usually when one or more of you give me one of those much needed comments that remind me the most important thing any one of us can do is to stop whining about what’s wrong with everyone else and remember there’s plenty of room for improvement on numero uno lol. I guess we all need that occasional firm kick in the pride 😛 Be blessed!



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