But Most of All, Love

Life is rough and we’ve all got some pretty gruesome experiences. Despite the inevitable storms, there are also rainbows. My rainbow comes in the form of a blue-eyed curly-haired bundle of joy.

My darling Nugget.

She wasn’t conceived in the most noble of ways. Nor was she born to the picture perfect family. But she is loved! If nothing else, she is very loved by everyone. Especially me!

That’s kind of a given, though… isn’t it? lol #motherhood

Since day one, Nugget has been making the world more pleasant with her adorable laughter. Her all-gums-cept-two-tiny-teeth smile that spreads across her chubby baby face at the slightest provocation.

It’s amazing the profound impact a single new life can have on people. How an itty bitty human can turn the world of her parents upside down and inside out. And for the better.

Motherhood comes with so many conflicting emotions, though.

Insecurity. Joy. Doubt. Determination. Fear.

But most of all, love ❤


28 thoughts on “But Most of All, Love

  1. Every girl is actually a mom.

    Once, I asked my niece, 5, whether she wanted to be a teacher or a pilot when she grew up.

    Her answer had shocked me: I want to be mom.

    I then asked her younger sister, 3, and she said “I want to become a grandma”. (She thought “mom” was no more available so she settled on “grandma”).

    I had asked those questions as part of my research work on AI but these answers helped me understand women and respect them.


  2. I’m happy your child smiles easily. There is a neighbor child who also smiles a lot. Not that it’s all smiles, I’m sure. Nor does it have to be. But you’re right. “The greatest of these,” if I may quote, “is love.” Thank you!

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  3. Oh such a heart whelming post and how true. In my case, my Meow is not just a ray of hope for me but definitely much more so for my ailing father recovering from stroke. There is some kind of a magnetic attraction in the little one that has kept him from leaving us. Couldn’t agree with you more.

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  4. The True Light! says:

    She sounds adorable and well loved! And while you spoke some very true words here, some of the most impactful were when you said: ” It’s amazing the profound impact a single…life can have on people.”

    Such may be the way with little cuties like babies, but certainly the greatest of these impacts comes from the life/death/and life again of Christ Jesus. He died for everyone’s sins to set us free from a punishment we should have endured. In doing so, He reconciled us to a God we couldn’t please due to our transgressions. Talk about an impact!

    Good post!


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