I had this roommate…

I had this roommate.

She would drink wine straight from the bottle and orange juice from a wine glass.

And I remember thinking, “Now here is a woman who has life all figured out.

Enjoy life to the fullest without hesitation.

And make the most of the little things.


14 thoughts on “I had this roommate…

  1. AkoKristiyano says:

    When I was in college, I remember drinking beer in the dark, listening to old songs, dreaming of love… while my roommates were out.

    Hadn’t figured out life yet. Still questioning… still doubting… still very lonely.

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  2. I’ve always told people that I live my life like someone is going to write a book about it. I want every chapter to be interesting and when it’s all said and done, it will be a pretty spectacular tale. And boy do those little things make some of the best memories. Anyway, thanks for sharing. It’s been a long week and that gave me a good snicker/chuckle/whatever sound comes out when I’m trying to suppress a hearty laugh.

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  3. Aww I’m sorry to hear that. At least you were wise enough to know you didn’t have life figured out. When I was in college, I knew everything about everything. I’ve learned the opposite to be true this past year. May you find love, though! Loneliness isn’t easy.

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    Simply no way to taste wine when drinking it like that, she really missed out on something great. I come from a wine region, we had four of the world’s top five co-operative winemakers in our church. My very sober cousin walked with his glass of wine in his shirt pocket, really! He could not stand drunken people. Wine’s taste only ever comes out if it breathed first, and then breathed out. The taste is not on the tongue but in the nose. Oh, she missed out on much! Wine is the only living organism in a bottle, spirit and beer are all dead. Jesus only made wine. If you understand the grape kernel, how it is designed to become wine, you see His intelligent design clearly. Grape juice, for instance, is a very sterile, artificial product. All life is killed, it is an abortion of a living organism. Jesus did not make grape juice. Your friend missed out. Drinking wine from the bottle is like a quickie in the car park, with a total stranger on the back seat. You never get to the intended joy as designed so lovingly by Jesus. You only think you did.

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  5. controversialchristian1 says:

    Sometimes the silliest things, the simplest things, the smallest things are the best things. The more we search for the perfect moment, the more we miss life itself. We are human beings not human doings.

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  6. There is a jetty where we sometimes sit with a parcel of fried hake & chips. People sitting in a posh restaurant overlook our impromptu diner. We are the ones getting the ocean smell and hear the waves. They can’t as they sit behind glass in an air-conditioned stainless steel box. We have nature, designed and crafted by God outside. And we can stroll barefoot across the beach, with waves catching our feet ever so often. The French fries get fed to the seagulls. All enjoy the feast.

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  7. controversialchristian1 says:

    When I go on holiday, to a little seaside town in North Wales called Llandudno, and one of my favourite things for me is to eat curried sausage and chips at the seaside after the sun has gone down, the waves lapping gently at the shore and hearing the seagulls crying in the distance. No amount of money, no earthly thing, could buy the peace and happiness this simple pleasure brings.

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