I Don’t Work Sundays

It’s been a minute since I’ve sat down and blogged something thoughtful. I’ve posted little things occasionally just to post something. Because if a blogger who is prone to depression all of a sudden stops posting… 😐

But I’m still alive and have some stuff to share.

If you read, “Capitalist Mind, Christian Heart,” you know I was working at a company that didn’t sit right with my sense of integrity. I understood the things that were being asked of me. I got the big picture and the bottom line.


I didn’t feel comfortable doing some of the things I was told to do.

But when you have mouths to feed, it’s hard to say no to gainful employment. Especially when you’ve been out of work for a year, never got around to finishing that degree, and are simply trying to keep the bills paid.

Let’s just say I was in no position to be turning down a paycheck. #humility

Now I’ma tell you what God did. Trust me, it gets good.

I go to Church almost every Sunday. I love it. I look forward to it. So during my interview at the aforementioned company, I requested Sundays off.

There was no guarantee, they said.

I was to be where they wanted me to be when I was told to be there. They had a strict point system that would result in my job termination if I didn’t work when I was scheduled to.

Regardless of the reason.

I didn’t attend Church while employed by that company. But I had a Church family so I sent an email or text- I can’t remember which. Either way, my name and situation was added to the prayer list.

Ready for the good stuff?

A little over a week later, while on a thirty minute lunch the company gave me, I got a text from a former colleague. He was telling me about a position that opened up at the place I worked before that company. A place that took ethics and integrity seriously.

It happened so fast.

I did the interview. The very next afternoon, I get a tentative offer. In mere days, that company with questionable business practices became a distant memory. I was in a new position where I could help people.

At a place where ethics really mean something.

Now I get a full hour for lunch. The benefits and pay are better. The environment is better. I’m doing meaningful work for the right reasons. And you know what else?

I don’t work Sundays. 🙂


P.S: If you’re wondering… No, I don’t work at Chik-fil-A.

P.P.S: But I do love me some Chik-fil-A food.

P.P.P.S: Especially them waffle fries. ❤

33 thoughts on “I Don’t Work Sundays

  1. Amen! Amen! Amen! Promotion doesn’t come from the north, south, essy, or west. It comes from God, and He ALWAYS promotes us to those things/places/situations/positions that bring Him honor and glory. Praise Him!!!!!!

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  2. Yes, Fredrick! After that new job at the good place, I went to Church that Sunday and did a praise. Some events are just so good they have to be shared. When the Lord answers prayers, He goes all out! You’re 1000% right, too. God does the real promotions. And He takes care of His.

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  3. It’s an event I’m never going to forget. I was in an emotional slump, at a job that wasn’t an ideal, and in less than month it’ll all changed for the better.

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  4. I loved this!! I work at Chic-fil-A haha 😀 and I’m also a Christian, and it’s so important to be respected for your beliefs in the workplace. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with people who respect that. God really does work things for our good! I’m glad He blessed you. Thanks for sharing! ❤

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  5. Brittany, i know Chik-fil-A has an amazing team. Good people with good work ethic (: and respect is super important, well said! I’m glad to hear that you’re in a place that respects and embraces your faith and values! Thanks for your kind words

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  6. Right off I want to say religion has very little influence on capitalism. At the same time, most large corporations started out as small businesses in a time where business, school, community, and Church worked together. But to answer your question now in regards to the day-to-day functioning of capitalism at this point in time, I think very little. You don’t see prayer at board meetings. You don’t see Sundays off. You have red tape of “policies and procedures” that limit faith in the workplace, etc.

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  7. controversialchristian1 says:

    There are some people who have to work Sundays, and I am not that bothered either way. But I believe we have to make time for God. I’m struggling getting to church atm because of health and emotional issues but even in this I give it up to the Lord. I think sometimes God sets us apart and we all need time out at times. Keep praying, keep the faith, don’t live in sin.

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  8. Yes! Pastors do very special work and I don’t think y’all get enough credit lol the insight and spiritual discernment are invaluable to fully understanding the Word of God. (:

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  9. Thank you! I felt compelled to share because in a world where people question God’s willingness to answer prayers, there are events like this that happen. Still. God’s amazing! Thanks for your comment (:


  10. ComfortA says:

    Absolutely love this post 😀
    I used to have the same mentality and policy of not working on Sundays when I was a teenager. Then I came to uni. And eventually, I was sucked in by the demanding life of a student 😥
    Thanks for reminding me: I can still maintain my belief and stand my ground even in our ever-growing secular society. *Remember the sabbath day and keep it Holy*
    P.S I love your style of writing. I actually thought it was pretty similar to mine?

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  11. Thank you, ComfortA! I really like your stuff, too. I can tell you have a true passion for the Lord and it reflects in your blogging. Unfortunately, in today’s society everyday brings another compromise in trying to live right. It’s nice to know that we still get the victories 🙂 even if they are tiny victories like being able to go to church on Sunday. Thanks again for your comment. Be blessed sister!

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