Ants in the Sugar

I’m one of those women who like to stock up on things when they go on sale. In fact, the only way retailers can get me to pay full price for anything is to pry the money from my stingy penny-pinching fingers.

I have no shame 😥

So I stocked up on Dixie Sugar when it went on sale a few months ago and I opened the last bag this morning for my coffee. Because everyone knows coffee ain’t good unless you can taste diabetes in every sip. Same can be said for sweet tea. #lifeinthesouth #stereotypes

The other day I had an invasion of ants in my pantry. Luckily, most everything was sealed. The only thing those mini savages got was my box of Special K Red Berries.

I knew this because ants travel in a line. So you can always find where they are going. I got rid of the cereal and the little monsters who ruined it. Since there were no more trails, I figured I got them all.

Until I opened the bag of sugar this morning. It’s really interesting, actually.

I imagine a bag of sugar is like the jackpot to ants. They love sweet things. Getting sugar in its purest form would be the biggest accomplishment for the relentless sweet-seekers… right?

But I wondered why there was no ant trail. If they found the good stuff, could get to it, why wasn’t there a whole army marching to and from the compromised bag of sugar?

As I poured the ant-polluted sugar in the garbage, I realized none of the black specks were moving.

They were dead.

All of them.

The ants found what they were looking for and it killed them.


40 thoughts on “Ants in the Sugar

  1. Hilarious! I am diabetic and, yes, too bitter coffee causes depression while coffee with TLC (Those Little Cubes) cure anything from asthma to zits. But this had my laughing out loud in the bank today….. “Because everyone knows coffee ain’t good unless you can taste diabetes in every sip”.

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  2. I didn’t know too bitter coffee causes depression! That’s really interesting. And yes! TLC (those little cube) 🙂 thanks for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

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  3. I had serious ants’ problem. I followed their line and closed their hole.

    But they rebuilt their colony in a crack near the high roof. Then I started cleaning up everything before going to bed and they disappeared.

    I hope I’ll never see them again.

    In fact, God sent an angel and I saw in the dream that my house was all covered by black ants because of food. That’s how I got the hint.


  4. Ah ants, don’t you just love them. We fight ants in our house constantly, even when everything is sealed. Like your story about the ants, dead, in the sugar. I like my coffee black, so I have no worries about diabetes. Ha You have a nice blog.

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  5. Ants have gotten into my mom’s sugar before. They used to love the house. We came back from a trip once and they were crawling all over the kitchen floor. Of course, most times we called an exterminator, he couldn’t find anything anywhere in the house. Haven’t had any trouble with ants in my house yet – but I’ve been keeping an eye out for them.

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  6. If you have the black ants, they may eat into your house if only for a home. When they appear, we use the small ant trap cans they enter to get food for the nest. They worked for us. Good luck.

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  7. controversialchristian1 says:

    It’s only John Wayne who drinks coffee without sugar and without milk, in those old cowboy films! You wimps! I only drink coffee mostly in cafes and tea at home.

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  8. I’m sure there’s a friendly cosmic parable in the ants and the sugar, being killed through finding what they want. So far, this search for meaning makes my bear-of-little-brain hurt. Must be time for more coffee.

    Thanks for sharing this narrative!

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  9. I cannot stand when those little ants get in my food. I also have had them get in my peanut butter one time, and l was shocked. I would have thought that they would have gotten stuck in peanut butter, but they did not. That was very weird.

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  10. Carla, some ants go for sugar, some for oils/fats/grease. Some people would spread that peanut butter on toast, added jelly or Marshmallow Fluff, and enjoy the crunchy addition of protein. I bet you are not one of such people.

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