Books I’m Reading

Bible Study Guides

The 40-Day Bible Adventure: A Fascinating Journey to Understanding God’s Word
By Christopher D. Hudson

Know Your Bible Illustrated
By Paul Kent

Pocket Bible Handbook
By George W. Knight

Ultimate Bible Guide: A Complete Walk-Through of All 66 Books of the Bible
Holman Reference


Devoted: 365 Days of Encouragement for Your Walk with the Lord

The Leadership Excellence Devotional
By Pat Williams with Jim Denney

One-Minute Inspirations for Women
By Elizabeth George


The Spiritual Warfare Answer Book
By Dr. David Jeremiah

6 thoughts on “Books I’m Reading

  1. Good for you and God bless you! Personally, I KNOW I am blessed by the time I spend with my sister in the morning and evenings reading responsively from Scripture centered around a devotional, praising God in song, and (VERY importantly) praying together. May the Lord bless your enthusiasm, strengthen your commitment more and more each day, and just draw you closer to Him in intimate relationship/communion. As the old-timers used to say, ‘Keep on keeping on!’

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