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For the past week, I was both angry and depressed. I didn’t understand how despite all the progress I made in my faith (and in life in general), I was still subject to the same sh*t that had me a wreck last year.

Christianity is the hardest lifestyle anyone could choose. I considered giving it up more than a few times. What’s the point of praying, going to Church, and reading the Bible if nothing has changed?

Quitting would be too convenient, though. One thing I learned from my old days is:

If your fix stops working, don’t give up. Get more.

After much prayer and deliberation, I realized a lot has actually changed.

What used to be spiritual unlikelihoods for me, have become my daily routine. My faith has not failed me in the least. I have just reached a stage of complacency. Spiritual stagnation.

The unassuming trough in Christianity where one begins going through the motions of religion instead of spiritually evolving. I don’t want to stay in this place- where faith grows stale like old bread.

I went to a local Christian bookstore to see if I could find a book or something to renew my mind.

At first, I just wanted a self-help guide. An easy read to refresh my spirit. I ended up getting a few items. Including some devotionals (quick fixes) and some Bible study guides (hardcore stuff).

Check out the complete list of books I’m currently reading.

Since I’m doing in-depth Bible studies, I’ll also be sharing what I learn.

Moving forward in faith,