Combating Spiritual Stagnation

For the past week, I was both angry and depressed. I didn’t understand how despite all the progress I made in my faith (and in life in general), I was still subject to the same sh*t that had me a wreck last year.

Christianity is the hardest lifestyle anyone could choose. I considered giving it up more than a few times. What’s the point of praying, going to Church, and reading the Bible if nothing has changed?

Quitting would be too convenient, though. One thing I learned from my old days is:

If your fix stops working, don’t give up. Get more.

After much prayer and deliberation, I realized a lot has actually changed.

What used to be spiritual unlikelihoods for me, have become my daily routine. My faith has not failed me in the least. I have just reached a stage of complacency. Spiritual stagnation.

The unassuming trough in Christianity where one begins going through the motions of religion instead of spiritually evolving. I don’t want to stay in this place- where faith grows stale like old bread.

I went to a local Christian bookstore to see if I could find a book or something to renew my mind.

At first, I just wanted a self-help guide. An easy read to refresh my spirit. I ended up getting a few items. Including some devotionals (quick fixes) and some Bible study guides (hardcore stuff).

Check out the complete list of books I’m currently reading.

Since I’m doing in-depth Bible studies, I’ll also be sharing what I learn.

Moving forward in faith,


32 thoughts on “Combating Spiritual Stagnation

  1. soulsista4christ says:

    Awesome and encouraging message. Yes! It is so important that we don’t become spiritually stagnant. We have to be always growing always maturing. Always looking for opportunities to ask ourselves Lord God what are you doing in me now. Amen, Thank you for that awesome reminder. God Bless you

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  2. That sounds like a good read! I’ll have to check it out when I finish my current books. Thanks for the comment and the recommendation!


  3. Don’t forget where you came from, the circumstances at the time of your salvation. Remember your first love of the Lord as much as possible. Getting lukewarm is common, many/most get that way. You may not see great changes, they usually take place slowly to ensure the building of a strong foundation. However, those who knew you before will probably see great changes. If that is not enough for encouragement, look at the condition of the world when you were saved, and compare it to today. As for myself, I am glad I am no longer on that rollercoaster to destruction, to hell, and I mourn for those who are.

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  4. waterandfire34 says:

    Indeed, Christianity is the hardest lifestyle to choose. And yet people look as weak and soft. Quite the opposite actually. Don’t give up look unto Him, He suffered much worse.


  5. Hi Rae (:
    You know.. the words to a song come to mind that go like this:

    There’s no place I’d rather be / No place I’d rather be / No place I’d rather be / Than here in Your love, here in Your love

    And…Oh Rae! There is no place I’d rather be! Be careful in your devotion that you don’t lose your devotion to your friend and Lover Jesus – books and devotions and church involvement are great! But what I’ve found to be true in my journey is you can only self-motivate for so long – Jesus has got to come first. But the more you let Him come alive in you, the more life you’ll have to give to other devotions (: remember; it’s all in and with and through him (:
    Blessings – Have a restfilled rest of your weekend, friend (:

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  6. Very good points, Carson. You’re absolutely right. For me submerging myself with fellow Christians, listening to good music, reading Bible guides and devotionals is to help me surround myself in good things in order to make it harder for me to lose spiritual footing. Jesus is my foundation, though 🙂

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  7. While reading your post, I thought of the shark. You know, the fish that has to keep moving or else it suffocates and dies. As all metaphors are, the shark is limited in usefulness. For we should take time to stop, to rest, to know God in stillness. But as an image to remind us to keep going, the shark’s maybe pretty good. I’m happy to read that you’re moving in your faith. That’s vital, I believe. It’s where growth and progression happen.

    You’re right about Christianity. The living is hard. It’s paradoxical, isn’t it, this faith of ours? We have to die in order to live; we must love those we’d rather hate, It’s paradoxical, too, that we are told the burden is light and the yoke is easy. But they are. Thank goodness the one who promotes all this has gone through it all. And as Jesus loves us (maybe paradoxically), Jesus saves.

    Your reading list looks full in a good way and hopefully bears fruit for you. Peace, Christopher

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  8. I definitely can understand and relate to that, too (: at times I’ve found myself really just letting myself drag along by mindless involvement and it’s been an easy thing for me to just get used to being another cog in the institutionalized machinery–and that’s maybe better than nothing but it was so easy to forget to let Jesus actually just be who he wants to be for me (so that’s where I’m coming from) It’s wonderful that you are so committed to making it your lifestyle (:

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  9. Interesting post. Your last sentence says it all….”moving forward”. I will never arrive, but I keep moving forward. In the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous many newcomers have great difficulty with the term God. A lifesaver for me was when an AA friend said, “Just see it as g.o.d….. Good Orderly Direction” Moving forward in a good orderly direction. I believe that is all God expects.


  10. Rae,
    Thanks for the honest and hopeful post. I’ve been feeling rather stagnated myself lately. In the past, I’ve come through times like these when God himself breathed life into me, usually through a Bible passage, or sometimes through prayer and reminders about the truth of who I am in Christ. I have found that the more knowledge of God’s Word that I have, the more I am able to rely on the truth over my emotions, and eventually the truth will change my emotions.
    I have found the book, Abide in Christ, by Andrew Murray (an old book) to be extremely helpful to my walk with Christ.
    I don’t have all the answers, and I am waiting now for God to breathe life into my relationship with him again. Until then, I am trying to remember who I am in Christ and read His Word. Without him I can do nothing! And he has promised that he is faithful, and he will do it! (Phil 1:6)

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  11. Rae, before this world was ever spoken into existence your name was on God’s lips, you were in God’s heart and mind and written on His palms. For the joy set before Him He endured the cross. What was His joy and happy thought? You Rae!!! You, born into His family, baptized with His Holy Spirit, that genetic DNA of Heaven! You are the arrow in His quiver, His warrior and secret weapon to take vengeance on the enemy and display the splendor of your Daddy-God! You were always His image bearer because God made man in His image, but now you are His real flesh and blood and Spirit daughter! Wherever you go you have the authority to touch and heal and set free the people living in darkness and crushed by Satan’s lies. Satan comes to steal to kill and destroy but the truth is when Jesus died on the cross He crushed Satan’s head. Satan has no power over you. He accuses and mocks and threatens but we overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb and by the words of our testimony and because we’re not afraid to die because that only means we get to go home to PAPA!!!

    If these words encourage your heart than I recommend you listen to Graham Cooke, Ted White, Bill Johnson.

    Know you are loved. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for your welfare and not calamity, to give you a future and hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

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  12. What looked like spiritual stagnation may have been an unfamiliar level of spiritual growth. I can glad you realize that you can’t quit God. For years the Israelites lived in captivity and everything looked very bleak. Ultimately, God restored them to their land.

    Keep going. Your God is awesome. With patience you will develop character (maturity) and maturity give give you hope. And, hope never fails.

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  13. You have a challenging reading list there. Remember that God is working on us, even when we do not feel especially energized or ecstatic. Alot of life is about the time in between. For every peak experience, there’s a valley. How we react to the “down time” can strengthen our faith.

    FYI, I wrote about this awhile back, in a post called “Wasted Time” at Sorry for the plug. You’re welcome, of course, to delete it.

    You may find you get as much or more out of interacting w/ mature Christians (seeing how those who’ve walked w/ the Lord a long time deal w/ others, seeing how they react to crisis and loss) than you do from reading books. Be careful though. Christians are not perfect. The real ones don’t claim to be.

    It is wonderful that you want your relationship w/ Christ to remain fresh! Ask Him for guidance on what you should do to keep it that way.


    A. ❤

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  14. Sitting here crying tonight reading this reminds me to look to The Word for encouragement. Reading this reminds me to look over the past year and recognize the accomplishments and that there is still hope. Thanks for the reminder.

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  15. Strictly Driven, there is still hope. If you struggle with depression like I do, I know there are times when it doesn’t seem that way. Stay strong and stay in the Word. Be blessed!

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  16. Discipleship is a long tidious process that involves change and constant recycling of self. To live from the inside out is to also share in the heart of Christ, in other words that which is the heart of the Spirit will stir our spirit to feel as the Spirit feels towards our present world, locally is the mission, so if the core desire as it is in the spiritual practice of Christianity is to be open and willing to be an instrument on to our community is to share in both it’s sorrow and it’s joy. So stagnation is only a sign of rejuvenation needed, or simply a time to pray and work. Keep your head and heart up. Thanks for your words.


  17. Being real is so important in our christian walk and you have deferentially found how to be honest with God and others. God should be our reality in all things and if He is, all things will be Godly.God bless!

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  18. One of the things that helps me through the up’s and down’s of the Christian walk is to rely on the Spirit (ala’ Galatians 5:16) instead of warring it out myself. May the Holy Spirit fight for you and visit you with a power surge today!

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  19. I agree. And as we press into God through the midst of the storms, the book of James says God is bringing us to completion. I am simply speechless to know that God wants to make us “perfect and lacking nothing”. It all starts with that basics- prayer and devotion. This 30-day devotional called Fresh Fruits is a great way to spend intimate time with God and to see a transformation of the Spirit. The more time we spend with Christ, the more Fruits that are produced through us!

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