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After searching for the why in my terrible downfall, I noticed something. All the things that were given to me as blessings had become my idols.

My college eduction, my career, my apartment. Even my pet Holland Lop, if you can believe it.

Oh yes, I loved my baby bun.

Everything I had been given, I took distinct pride in and credit for. I was so arrogant. I didn’t mind placing myself on a high pedestal. Until I realized what a b*tch the drop was.

They say pain is an indication of something being wrong. When I lost the things I valued, I felt pain. At first I thought it was because I was grieving over my lost stuff.

However, the pain was actually indicating I was clinging to all the wrong things. But I’m good now. Well, maybe not good. Better. I’m better now.

God could have let me continue in my ways.

Should have.

But He didn’t.

And that’s grace.