And That’s Grace

After searching for the why in my terrible downfall, I noticed something. All the things that were given to me as blessings had become my idols.

My college eduction, my career, my apartment. Even my pet Holland Lop, if you can believe it.

Oh yes, I loved my baby bun.

Everything I had been given, I took distinct pride in and credit for. I was so arrogant. I didn’t mind placing myself on a high pedestal. Until I realized what a b*tch the drop was.

They say pain is an indication of something being wrong. When I lost the things I valued, I felt pain. At first I thought it was because I was grieving over my lost stuff.

However, the pain was actually indicating I was clinging to all the wrong things. But I’m good now. Well, maybe not good. Better. I’m better now.

God could have let me continue in my ways.

Should have.

But He didn’t.

And that’s grace.


21 thoughts on “And That’s Grace

  1. waterandfire34 says:

    Don’t get attached to things and learn to let go. Do not rely on things to be happy. Happiness is a state of mind. Once you stop desiring and acquiring that is freedom.

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  2. controversialchristian1 says:

    I give thanks to God for every good thing he gives me. Clean running water, 6 guitars, a warm house, a TV, PCs, and so on. He delights in giving us wonderful things, so don’t fret too much. Simply have an attitude of gratitude!

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  3. This makes me think of Matthew 5:4The Message (MSG)

    4 “You’re blessed when you feel you’ve lost what is most dear to you. Only then can you be embraced by the One most dear to you.

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  4. Dearest, do you remember how Abraham was willing to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac…because God asked him to. That is how we should think of that story. Now, many people will go on to the end of the story where the angel stops Abraham and Abraham gets to keep his son. But the important point of the story is Abraham’s obedience…Abraham’s willingness to lose his son.

    I am not wanting to argue with anyone but I don’t think you are fretting at all when you think about your willingness to lose the things you love. The times I have lost a great deal, I have come away with a clearer, stronger connection to God. That to me is well worth the loss. Gratitude is essential. Willingness to give up stuff in order to gain a closer connection to God is wisdom. I’ll take wisdom.

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  5. I think your words hold merit. I am actually in agreement with you there. Mainly because in that terrible year, I knew what lasted and what didn’t. Fortunately, I had only invested only a tiny portion of my life into those things. I believe in my heart that God was showing me where my focus needed to be. Around Him. Because before, I was a very superficial Christian. An embarrassment to the faith, if I’m 100% honest. lol But that’s the old. Thanks again for your reference to Abraham. He had the right idea in terms of priorities.

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  6. Should but didn’t. That’s the rub. And His intervention sometimes means that He has to go through the difficulty of allowing us to hit rock bottom, only so that in the midst of those terrible times, we can see His favour, grace, blessing and love clearly, without confusing them with our ability, circumstances, and ideas about ourselves. Difficulty for Him, because the affliction we bear, even when deserved, hurts Him more than we can imagine. Every act of God is highly sacrificial and lavish in grace. Stay in there, because even we’re faithless, He is faithful because He can’t be anything other than who He is. God bless. Indi.

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