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The holiday season is a paradoxical time in the life of a Christian. On one hand, we know Christmas is to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour.

So we plaster up nativity scenes, chant, “Keep Christ in Christmas,” and dare someone to attack our, “Merry Christmas,” with, “Happy Holidays.” The notorious battle of semantics.

However, the season itself is characterized by traditions rooted in paganism and exploited by commericialism.


I spent the holidays with my family. I bought a beautiful King James Bible from a bookstore. I bought my daughter some Christian books. I prayed before every meal.

The perfunctionary meal time prayer and book purchases were the only real indications of my faith during this time. Because my focus wasn’t on Christ. My focus was on Christmas.

On my way back home from visiting my relatives I felt a sense of joy. That God was still with me- even though I took a Christmas vacation from my Christian faith.

As each day passes, I realize that faith is like exercising. It requires a conscious effort. It is active and not passive.

Ultimately, a Christian who isn’t focused on Christ is about as useful as a compass that does not point North.

Keeping Christ in Christmas is all well and good, but my main concern is keeping Christ in my life.

That said…

This concludes my post-Christmas ramblings lol.