These Colors

water color rainbow

I love colors.

I especially love rainbows.

Rainbows are representation of the sacred covenant between God and His creation. (Genesis 9:13)

My prayer is that I never forget who rocked these colors first- and why.


8 thoughts on “These Colors

  1. Hello Rae,

    I too like colours. It’s lovely to walk through botanical gardens in the summer time.

    I’m also fond of science and I think it reveals the scientist in God. The same colours of the rainbow were revealed to Isaac Newton when he used a prism to split white light into its seven constituent colours. Below is a link that may interest some readers:

    Artists were grateful to Isaac Newton for his colour wheel. Below is an extract from the article provided by the link above:

    “Artists were fascinated by Newton’s clear demonstration that light alone was responsible for colour. His most useful idea for artists was his conceptual arrangement of colours around the circumference of a circle (right), which allowed the painters’ primaries (red, yellow, blue) to be arranged opposite their complementary colors (e.g. red opposite green), as a way of denoting that each complementary would enhance the other’s effect through optical contrast.”

    I hope you enjoy the website as much as I did.

    Peace and love to all,


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