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crayons and a sheet of paper with the words i hate valentine's day

I hate Valentine’s Day. Becuase you know #bittersinglewoman #hater
I’m basically the Grinch of Valentine’s Day.

Lemme explain, Dr. Seuss style.

Everyone on Facebook liked Valentine’s Day a lot.
Except Rae, the Real as the Streets blogger, who did not.

Scrolling through images from her tablet with a frown,
At the filtered romantic pics with likes all around.

“Valentine’s Day is sickening,” Rae thought with a scowl,
“Chocolate, roses, candles, and romance. It sucks something foul!”


Between the commercialization of love and the onslaught of painful reminders of my solitude. I can’t stand it.

So for all you other lonely singles out there tryna make it through the lovey-dovey season of purchases without reason.

Remember: Jesus loves you!

… Even if no one else does. 🙂