Book Review: This Momentary Marriage

I’ve been reading This Momentary MarriageA Parable of Permanence by John Piper. It’s available as a free PDF. I was pleasantly surprised at how profound it was. Not just for married couples, but for down-hearted singles (like myself).

Christian marriage literature can be, and has often been, perverted to suit the aims of chauvinistic manipulators. Especially in terms of servitude and gender roles.

This books is not like that. At all.

Piper offers a refreshing, Bible-based understanding of marriage. The focus is rightly placed on God and Christ. Not human gratification.

It is well worth the read.


14 thoughts on “Book Review: This Momentary Marriage

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve found some of the same thing you are talking about with books on marriage. I read when I was getting married that completely put happiness in the marriage on the woman. It was really weird.

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  2. hsmith789 says:

    As a new wife I am excited to check out the book! I have read a few Christian books on marriage and they seem to place the happiness in the marriage completely on the woman. That is a lot of pressure!

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