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I’ve been going back and forth in my mind. Wondering whether or not to share this post.

The reason is today I experienced something so raw that to share would be to cheapen the event. However, I truly believe vulnerable moments are the most powerful.

So I’ll share with the purest of intents.

I went to Bible Study today and heard someone in our Church had died. I didn’t know the person. Though the event was tragic, it didn’t affect me as deeply as it would if I could put a face to the name.

What broke my heart. What still sends pangs of pain in my soul was the way it affected my Bible Study teacher. She is a devout and faithful woman of God. A sincere soul who I admire with every part of my being.

There she was. The sweet matriarch of our Church and our Bible Study. Always there with a kind word, helpful hand, and open heart to anyone in need.

stars and revelation 21:4

We were studying Jeremiah. She was in so much pain, tears were inevitable. There wasn’t a single set of dry eyes in Bible Study. Despite the countless tears, the pain, we pressed on in our study. Reading aloud the verses when crying permitted.

At the end of our Bible Study, she asked us to recall some promises of God. I could think of none- except one: He will wipe every tear from their eyes. (Revelation 21:4)

She broke my heart. This devout Christian who was suffering for the loss of her friend but determined to continue leading us in faith.

No one is immune to the pain of this world. It is especially hard when even the most faithful of us suffer. Through it all, though, there is hope.