Shining in the Dark

The other day, I bought a rhinestone cross to hang on my car’s review mirror. Yes, I’m tacky like that. Love me some rhinestones.

Anyway, I figured it would be gorgeous in the day time when the sunlight hit the stones.

I haven’t really noticed it much driving to and  from work.

Last night on my way back from a trip to visit my grandmother, I saw the cross light up like I’ve never seen it in the daytime.

It was due to the headlights of the car behind me.

But it was gorgeous!

It reminded me that even though Jesus is with us always (Matt 28:20), His presence really shines in the darkness.


17 thoughts on “Shining in the Dark

  1. christianforkids says:

    Wow! Something you didn’t think would happen, made it’s way into reminding you about something as amazing as that. God is good in that way.

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  2. It’s truly amazing how the smallest thing can remind us God is great. A few days ago I was out with my camera and found some water droplets on a few plants. I loved it. Reminded me how God has the little things, and the big things.

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  3. Daniel Peterson says:

    I snapped a photo in hotelroom 2 mos. ago, sun’s reflection on lamp over my side of bed, a brilliant shining cross.

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