National Day of Prayer

In the spirit of today, the National Day of Prayer, I would like to share my spiritual petitions:

  • I pray for humility.
  • I pray for discernment.
  • I pray for those who do not know the Lord.
  • I pray for those who do.

What do you pray for? Share in the comments below.

Let’s pray for and with one another.


15 thoughts on “National Day of Prayer

  1. Lovely post. Today, I was reminded to pray for my husband & children. A sister sent me a lovely message emphasizing that the enemy cannot destroy the church unless he gets into the home first… Hence, that was my main prayer point, today…

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  2. zambydmcd says:

    I pray for us to grow in knowing and loving Jesus; that the things important to Him are important to us and we look to be faithful in who He has called us to be and what He has called us to do.

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  3. 🙏🏽MAY GOD🙏🏽
    May God cause the light of His countenance,
    To shine bright upon you;
    And grace you for the task,
    That He has called you to do.
    May God cause the light of His countenance,
    To shine bright upon you;
    And give you a vision and a strategy
    That will carry you through.
    May God cause the light of His countenance,
    To nine bright upon you;
    And cause everything in life,
    To work in favor for you!
    Joyce A. Boahene© 5/2/17

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  4. RGB Rao says:

    ~ I must confess my ignorance. I had no idea that it was the National Day of Prayer… I will pray for the country. Thanks!

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  5. My daily prayers, if followed by the rest of the world and myself, would bring peace on earth. The prayers include Matthew 6: 9-13, the Lord’s Prayer, spoken slowly with attention to the depth of each thought; prayer that mankind follow the Ten Commandments, Exodus 20: 3-17; The Two Commandments, Matthew 22: 36-40; and, the Beatitudes, Matthew 5: 3-10. Matthew 5:5, God blesses the humble, they will inherit the whole earth.
    The only true world order will be that belonging to God through Jesus Christ. Any attempt at the “New World Order,” supposedly created out of chaos, may bring a brief pause in that chaos, but it will be followed by a greater chaos ended under the rule the the Lord. On earth as it is in heaven.

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  6. I am praying for a great spiritual awakening by a mighty move of the Holy Spirit. And for the church to rise up and tear down the walls that divide us. I pray for all of our leaders from the local, school, county, state and national level! They need our continual prayers!

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  7. I was praying that God would visit his people in a powerful way and sweep over this country like a fire out of control. I pray that he would open the eyes of the lost. I pray that the people in government would be filled with wisdom. And that God would really shine his grace on our land. Amen

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  8. christianforkids says:

    I pray that those who do not know the Lord will come to Him, others to tell about Him, those at my church, my friends, my family, for everything God gives us, and for this world to be brought back together.

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  9. “Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us.”
    Known as the Jesus prayer, it is common for practitioners to repeat these words fifty times or more.
    Peace and love to all,

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