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Allow me to rant about my biggest pet peeve when it comes to Christianity. I’m talking about how mainstream Christianity has photoshopped Jesus into a marketable brand.

Mr. Christ is not a product.

Yet in this era of commercialism, our Lord and Saviour has been reduced to something of a commodity.

When marketers want to sell something what do they do? They doll it up and advertise. Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not bashing the Christian responsibility of sharing of the gospel.

I’m referring to all advertisements of Jesus as a blue-eyed Anglo Saxon.

I mean really. He was born in human form as a Middle Eastern man. In an era without toothpaste and running clean water. And He was a carpenter.

Yet, He looks like a movie star in all the pictures. I feel like I’m being friggin’ catfished.

If me and Jesus were Facebook friends and met up for coffee, I imagine I’d awkwardly say something like, “You look different than you did in your profile pic.”

Based on the popular images of Jesus, He could very likely cross my path and I wouldn’t even know.

His appearance is not important. What is important is that we, as Christians, have realistic expectations. (Yes, I do appreciate the irony of that statement lol).

Read the Bible, pray, and let our understanding of Christ come from sacred sources.

Don’t even get me started on popular Christian notions like, “when we die we float up to Heaven as angels.” >.< (Revelation 20:5)

I’m done ranting. Now tell me what your biggest pet peeves are when it come to your faith 🙂