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When I read interesting things in the Bible, I love to share. The gem I’ve recently unearthed deals with Ruth, King David, and King Solomon. Three well-known characters.

Their stories take place in the Old Testament. The Old Testament, for the most part, deals with God’s chosen people- the Jews.

The Gentiles, aka us Christians, don’t get formally invited to join the party until the New Testament. (Thanks, Jesus!)

King David was a Jew. King Solomon was also a Jew. Both are the most renowned Jewish kings in history.

Then there’s Ruth, a Moabite woman. Anyone who isn’t a Jew is classified as a Gentile. Meaning Ruth was like us. She turned from her Moabite customs to follow Naomi (a Jew) and her God.

You know how the story ends. She marries Boaz and pops out Obed. Obed fathers Jesse.

Jesse fathers David.

David fathers Solomon.

Ruth, the Gentile, is the great grandmother of King David and the great great grandmother of King Solomon.

If Ruth, the faithful Gentile, never converted, the fate of the Jewish people might have been very, very different.