Interesting Bible Fact: Ruth

When I read interesting things in the Bible, I love to share. The gem I’ve recently unearthed deals with Ruth, King David, and King Solomon. Three well-known characters.

Their stories take place in the Old Testament. The Old Testament, for the most part, deals with God’s chosen people- the Jews.

The Gentiles, aka us Christians, don’t get formally invited to join the party until the New Testament. (Thanks, Jesus!)

King David was a Jew. King Solomon was also a Jew. Both are the most renowned Jewish kings in history.

Then there’s Ruth, a Moabite woman. Anyone who isn’t a Jew is classified as a Gentile. Meaning Ruth was like us. She turned from her Moabite customs to follow Naomi (a Jew) and her God.

You know how the story ends. She marries Boaz and pops out Obed. Obed fathers Jesse.

Jesse fathers David.

David fathers Solomon.

Ruth, the Gentile, is the great grandmother of King David and the great great grandmother of King Solomon.

If Ruth, the faithful Gentile, never converted, the fate of the Jewish people might have been very, very different.


23 thoughts on “Interesting Bible Fact: Ruth

  1. Yeah…and speaking of forgiveness, Solomon is the child born to Bathsheba (Bat Sheva), the married woman David seduced or raped. He then had her husband killed to hide the resulting pregnancy…Solomon was their second son. The first died.

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  2. What was said by all is such a great commentary on God’s way of seeing things. Stop and think about it. Man’s ways are not God’s ways and the prejudices we presume He has because He chose the Jews is not at all as it was. God wants people of integrity. He pulled out people, as did Jesus, that the rest of the world looked down upon. It wasn’t at all about race or status. Ruth, Esther and Mary were women who shined in his eyes. There are many more examples of people that society for some reason, in days past re”wrote” the Bible to justify their own bad behavior.
    God judged hearts not “people”.

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  3. christianforkids says:

    Thanks for sharing this story Rae. I really enjoyed reading about it, and I would like to know more about the women in the Bible. You helped me with that.

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  4. Women are wisdom and men are knowledge. Wisdom is how knowledge joins to the self, so thus the ideal that is brought forth in succession is as such: (The secret is in the names definition)
    Naomi (Delight or pleasantness) is akin to
    Ruth (Friendship) which brings forth
    Obed (Service) thus establishing
    Jesse (To Possess: acceptance) resulting in bringing forth
    David (Love).

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  5. God’s ways are just not our ways. No one who comes to Him will He cast out. It does not matter your past, as long as you come on board forsaking every contrary way, God will bring treasure out of every trash you are carrying. Praise to your Holy Name Oh Lord.

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  6. Ruth is one of the very beautiful stories of HIS story. Ruth means ‘friend’. She was an engraftment, a proof that Christians will enjoy fellowship with Jehovah. Remember that Jesus did call the first disciples “my friends?” As Christians we’re God’s friends as well. Amen.
    Christians are actually an amalgam of Jews and Gentiles. Unregenerate Israelites are still in the dark. So we have three races: Gentiles, Jews and Christians (the spiritual Israel).
    Scripturally speaking, I don’t think Ruth’s declaration of, “thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.” would have put Israel in trouble. The immutability of Jehovah’s prophetic promise to Abraham had offered Jesus to the world via Israel. `Orpah, who did not get engrafted, means ‘mane (from the stiffness of the horses neck).’ Stubbornness robs one of meekness. which enables us to believe the kerygma!
    Thanks, Rae for sharing this biblical fact. Thanks also for liking my post “GOD?”

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  7. what’s really interesting is that a Moabite was not to be allowed into the congregation of the Lord for 10 generations! God broke his own rules for Ruth. That is what I call amazing love! And since Ruth is a picture of the Church, how much more for us who have been washed in the blood of the Lamb!

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