My 3 Favorite Things about God

God is a mystery I haven’t even begun to understand. I don’t know where He came from or why He exists. The Bible is my only insight into the profound entity that is God. But based on what I’ve read from His words… There are a few of His characteristics that I really like.

1. He is a creator. It’s one thing to create something from something. It’s another to create something from nothing. Countless Bible stories show God’s most impressive creations come from nothing. He built the world from nothing. He turned slaves into powerful tribes. Shepherds into kings. Harlots into heroines. And so much more.

2. He keeps His promises. This Divine trait, I have a love/hate relationship with. On the one hand, I love that my Lord is committed to His Word and His Promises. On the other hand, He doesn’t always fulfill them on my time table. #impatient 😥

3. He is a mystery. Even though I listed it last, this is probably my favorite feature. Bible scholars who dedicate their lives to unraveling the mysteries of God can’t even come close to explaining Him and His ways. No one knows the mind of God. No one knows the full extent of His power and wisdom. Anyone who claims otherwise, overestimate their limited knowledge. That infinite, abstract aspect of God titillates my mind.

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P.S: Thanks, Paul, for encouraging me to finish this post!  🙂


21 thoughts on “My 3 Favorite Things about God

  1. And we are his beloved children.
    On Christ the solid rock we stand
    all other ground is shifting sand.
    Like where you are coming from in this post Rae, very thoughtful.
    God Bless.

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  2. mamadee says:

    Insightful. Especially the contrast between creating something else out of something and creating something out of nothing! Never thought of it like that. My additions are that He’s a God of peace and serenity, a necessity in this very chaotic world! God bless you.

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  3. evejansonspirituality says:

    Point 3, He is a Mystery: No, He is not, He in us. You don’t need any scholars, you need only to listen to your inner place called SOUL. It’s a living part of Almighty.
    BTW great blog!:)

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  4. That’s true. He is in us. However he existed before us and knows things that we do not. We can listen to His guidence but we cannot know the mind of God. I get what you mean, though.

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  5. Daniel Peterson says:

    I am reminded of Isaiah 55, particularly nv 8 and 9, but really tehentire chapter. Thanks for sharing this blog post. It is quite heartwarming. Those timetable issues, huh? Ya know, one time I prayed to be both strong in mind and strong in body. You know what I got for that prayer? I think you can probably imagine. It wasn’t pretty, but, oh, well, TANSTAFL, There Ain’t No Such Thing As a Free Lunch.

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  6. I love your favorite things about God! I also love that He is my comforter, my provider, my confidante, and my healer. I love that I can trust Him and rely on Him. I love how much He loves me despite of my wrongdoings. I ❤️ God!!

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  7. Thank you for sharing your reflection. As a non-Christian, I can relate to every word you’ve said. It always fascinates me how similar Bible’s teaching about Yahweh and Quran’s teachings about Allah are. We all come from the same God.


  8. Excellent post Rae. Jesus, He’s my Friend. The One I can curl up with when I am in need of forgiveness, understanding, health, unconditional love. He let’s me cry my heart out, and binds my broken places. Jesus.

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