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Last week my summer classes started. I’m on the final stretch of my business degree. I’ll tell you what. Life never goes as we want it to. Does it?

I pictured by now that I’d have my degree in finance. Be working my way up some corporate ladder and making boocoo money.

Certainly didn’t plan on having a kid.

But I can’t complain.

The Lord has been good to me and my adorable illegitimate baby. And I do say, “illegitimate,” as a term of endearment. Sometimes I call her my little Nugget. Or little Stinker. She got so many nicknames.

Anyway, back to God’s goodness. And He is good.

I am fortunate enough to have a home and a stable career. Not making millions, but making enough to provide a comfortable life for me and my spawn. And mostly, I’m happy. I think my daughter is happy, too.

Although sometimes I wish I could have graduated college with my peers, I know that no two lives are the same. God has plans for us all.

And they’re never identical.

Sorry this post isn’t profound or exceptionally inspiring. But my life is ordinary today. Just like this post lol. 🙂