No Inspiration Here, Just Ordinary.

Last week my summer classes started. I’m on the final stretch of my business degree. I’ll tell you what. Life never goes as we want it to. Does it?

I pictured by now that I’d have my degree in finance. Be working my way up some corporate ladder and making boocoo money.

Certainly didn’t plan on having a kid.

But I can’t complain.

The Lord has been good to me and my adorable illegitimate baby. And I do say, “illegitimate,” as a term of endearment. Sometimes I call her my little Nugget. Or little Stinker. She got so many nicknames.

Anyway, back to God’s goodness. And He is good.

I am fortunate enough to have a home and a stable career. Not making millions, but making enough to provide a comfortable life for me and my spawn. And mostly, I’m happy. I think my daughter is happy, too.

Although sometimes I wish I could have graduated college with my peers, I know that no two lives are the same. God has plans for us all.

And they’re never identical.

Sorry this post isn’t profound or exceptionally inspiring. But my life is ordinary today. Just like this post lol. 🙂



28 thoughts on “No Inspiration Here, Just Ordinary.

  1. Congratulations on getting this far in your own place in God’s army. Fellow troops who put you down are helping the enemy. There may be others who join them in criticism of you, but, if you are seriously living life well, you are to be encouraged. If not, you are to be encouraged even more to get back on the march. After victorious completion of the battle, you will be able to look down on those who may look down on you today. But don’t. By the way, we were all once (and some still are) little stinkers. Rethinking that, some may even be big rather than little.

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  2. You know what? God always has some kind of a new plan or a new blessing in our lives that is completely worth it when it comes to Him changing our road and courses in life; One main blessing from Him to you is giving you a child. Sometimes, I feel bad because my mother was unable to receive a degree because she had me at a young age, but you know what? That’s exactly why I am doing and trying my best to make her happy and help her and sacrifice for her as she had for me. In the long run, know that God has something much bigger planned for you in your life, and a blessing bigger that exceeds your expectations, and He has you covered. 🙂

    Stay strong, and by you simply replying and writing something on your blog is a blessing to affirm that you are doing okay.

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  3. David W. Lawrence says:

    My college path was nontraditional due to many mistakes (10 years). But, looking back on it all, I learned a lot through it and the struggle made me appreciate it more. Maybe that is why my favorite poem is “The Road Less Travelled.” It makes all the difference. We can only walk our path, not the path of others, and I think your daughter is blessed that you are walking your path well.

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  4. Rae you are on to something that no two lives are the same! We all have unique challenges and purposes. Keep God at the forefront of your mind and he will guide you where you need to go!

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  5. Hey, Rae,

    Thanks for another inspiring post. Clearly, you are by no means ordinary but extraordinary. Despite all that has happened, you still acknowledge that God is good, and that ALL THINGS work together for the good. Keep up the pace and stay in the race, even greater blessings are in store.

    Thanks also for the likes you have posted on my blog. You are an inspiration to many more people than you realize.

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  6. I believe God truly works the most in our live when it isn’t on our own terms or plans. We grow through change and chaos, even if it is hard and rough sometimes. I’m not one for change, but in a couple of days movers will be packing our stuff, my husband will leave the Air Force, we will move out and leave Florida. Go back to staying with family and immediately begin his new journey as a college student at my old college. We don’t know where we will live or how things will take place. But God is trusting me to trust Him, not worry and not fear. Peace be with you. Thank you for sharing!!! 🙂 ❤

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  7. mgsunshine says:

    Your transparency and simple honesty is so uplifting and encouraging. Trust me. My life hasn’t gone the way I imagined it would either but I’m happy to know that God is orchestrating even the mishaps and working it out for good. God bless you and your daughter and all the best in completing your degree Rae 🙂

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  8. Being a mother is exceptional!! as well as the drive you have behind sharing your life with others. It is encouraging and anything but ordinary.
    LOL!… lil’ nugget… (Two thumbs up for mother’s and the nicknames they give their children) !!

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  9. I found the post quite inspiring. It seemed to bring to my mind, seemed to talk to me about two issues that are beginning to manifest in my life again: routine and productivity. I have sufficient peace and sufficient portion of my 1000’s of mini joys per day. More is on the way. Your words blessed me. Praise GOD!

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  10. preachermangaryallen says:

    God wants a great path for us all. We interrupt that with sinfulness, but that doesn’t mean He can’t create a new plan for us. Keep striving for Him, and you experience what He wants for your life.

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  11. I hear you as a mother at 18 I took much longer than expected to reach my dreams, but I actually found that with God guiding the way He has brought me a better dream, a real one. And I am almost 40 and only just started! Stick with Him, His dreams for us are far better than our own! Many Blessings to You! Water B

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  12. Thanks for the love on my blog post! Will be following you and your account as it looks great! Would love for a follow for insight and constructive critiques as I enter the blogging world!

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