Installing Inspiration from the Internet

I never thought I’d be the type of Christian to download and install my inspiration from the Internet. Yet, here I am- absolutely loving the Bible App by YouVersion!

The app is completely free and has the best Bible study reading plans. Plans that can be browsed by topic. If you have the Bible App installed, feel free to add me!

Select Connect with Friends, click the little magnifying glass next to Add Friends, and search for me with the following information:

  • Name: *Rae M.
  • Username: rae47

So far, I’ve completed the reading plans:

  • Finding Comfort in Pain
  • Proper Ambition: Christ-Centered Motivation @ Work

And am currently reading through Top Ten Ways to Be a Great Leader.

If you use the Bible App, I would love some reading plan recommendations!


16 thoughts on “Installing Inspiration from the Internet

  1. Oh I love that app – partly because my preferred app, CadreBible, doesn’t have NKJV or NLT free 😛 (but I use CadreBible because I can get the Tanahk on it but not on YouVersion’s app 😦 ) but I’ve never had to look any further than YouVersion for what I wanted otherwise.

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  2. The Everyday In the Word plan has been great this year. 4 different parts of the Bible a day and there’s usually some connections between each reading. A great way to see how different parts of the Bible relate and connect to each other. I’ve also done the M’Cheyne plan for years. You can’t go wrong with anything named after Robert Murray M’Cheyne.

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  3. I use this App all the time (even in church to access scriptures quickly). One thing I do like for reading at night or early morning is to change the background to black instead of the blinding white screen. My highlights show up better on it, too. I recommend Seeds of Spring: A Woman’s 40-day Journey, Joyce Meyer: Promises for your Everyday Life, God’s Dream for your life by Rick Warren. I find the ones I personally stick with the most are ones with solid devotional content to help me absorb the reading versus just straight scripture reading. Although if you want a whole Bible plan I recommend Solid Life Whole Bible Reading Plan.

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  4. Love the Bible App! There is a plan for every need or struggle and the writers are phenomenal 😊😊
    You can look at these plans – Extravagant: When Worship Becomes a Lifestyle and Untainted Worship

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