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This morning I was getting ready for work. A little ethnic background about yours truly: I’m mixed. If I must be reduced to colors- black and white.

And, yes, I live in the South. I could have an entire blog dedicated to being mixed in the South. However, that’s not the topic of the day as you can tell by my paradoxical blog post title.

No, ladies and gents. We’re here to discuss that sneaky snake in the grass, Satan.

Y’all know the one who roams around like a lion looking to see who he can devour.

Anyway. I was getting ready and the thing about being mixed is I have inherited curly hair and full lips. Which I love to emphasize in my style with big hair and rose-wine lipstick.

red bokeh daniel 11:32

As I was getting my hair big with mousse and my lips red with Revlon, a thought came to me that I was looking good and could get the attention of a certain someone in my department.

The next thought, “Hold up! Wait a minute- lemme put some Scripture in it!” You see what makes the devil particularly sly, is he loves to set us up for sin.

What’s worse is he presents sinful ideas to us in a form that make them seem as if they are our own. They’re not.

The devil is good at what he does.

Damned good.

He uses our pride, envy, and insecurities against us. There’s a reason why the Bible warns us to be meek, loving, and confident in Christ.

Satan is good, but he ain’t that good.

Stay on guard, y’all!