Satan is Good…

This morning I was getting ready for work. A little ethnic background about yours truly: I’m mixed. If I must be reduced to colors- black and white.

And, yes, I live in the South. I could have an entire blog dedicated to being mixed in the South. However, that’s not the topic of the day as you can tell by my paradoxical blog post title.

No, ladies and gents. We’re here to discuss that sneaky snake in the grass, Satan.

Y’all know the one who roams around like a lion looking to see who he can devour.

Anyway. I was getting ready and the thing about being mixed is I have inherited curly hair and full lips. Which I love to emphasize in my style with big hair and rose-wine lipstick.

red bokeh daniel 11:32

As I was getting my hair big with mousse and my lips red with Revlon, a thought came to me that I was looking good and could get the attention of a certain someone in my department.

The next thought, “Hold up! Wait a minute- lemme put some Scripture in it!” You see what makes the devil particularly sly, is he loves to set us up for sin.

What’s worse is he presents sinful ideas to us in a form that make them seem as if they are our own. They’re not.

The devil is good at what he does.

Damned good.

He uses our pride, envy, and insecurities against us. There’s a reason why the Bible warns us to be meek, loving, and confident in Christ.

Satan is good, but he ain’t that good.

Stay on guard, y’all!



40 thoughts on “Satan is Good…

  1. Love the catchy title! You are so right – Satan is very good at what he does. He brings us to a certain point, then uses our own natural tendencies to walk us over the edge.
    Pride is the biggest one of all. Oh, I have to be so careful about that one! Thanks for the reminder

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  2. Paul Roberts Abernathy says:

    Satan “presents sinful ideas to us in a form that make them seem as if they are our own.” Amen, this I believe. “They’re not.” Amen, this, too, I believe. Verily, that a sinful idea is not mine, I believe, is a manifestation of the presence and work of the Spirit within me. Praise God for that and thank you, *Rae, for this reminder. Blessings and love, Paul

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  3. mgsunshine says:

    hahaha nice one Rae! Yes, satan is good at being sneaky, isn’t he. And yes, I’ve had those moments of almost slipping up or even slipping up as well. So I can definitely relate.
    Wow! If you hadn’t said that you were mixed I wouldn’t have guessed. I thought that you were Asian. Kool though!

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  4. Amen!!! Great post he always tries to creep in this why we must put on the whole armor of God daily because, we never know what’s he’s going to try to attack next. Have a blessed week my fellow southern sister in Christ ✝️

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  5. Good blog! I must admit I was confused and stunned by the title UNTIL I read the blog! You are right! Satan is very good at what he does! After all he’s been at it since the Garden of Eden so he’s had plenty of practice BUT WE CAN OVERCOME HIM because Greater is HE that is IN US than he thst is in the world! I’m glad Jesus defeated Satan at Calvary and HE IS ABLE TO HELP US DAILY to defeat him as well. I pray God will bless you with that perfect mate for you! I was blessed to have that in my life. A man that was faithful to me, good to me & loved me in spite of my many faults but stuck with me 41 years, 4 months and 18 days! Then God took him home but he left me with sweet, happy memories. Hope you have a GREAT DAY! Saying a special prayer for you today! God bless you!

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  6. ceponatia says:

    I’ve always thought of “Satan” as being man’s bestial nature. If we don’t focus on being decent and tame our insatiable appetite for STUFF, we all naturally become what most devout followers of most religions would call evil. The serpent in the Garden of Eden was the little itch in the back of our minds telling us to do things for our own benefit regardless of the consequences.

    Or it could be an evil red dude with horns, idk. 🙂

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  7. It is a well-known fact, attested to by The W’s, that the devil is bad. But as you point out, it is less commonly recognized that, in a very real sense, he is also good. Thanks for the thoughts, Rae. 🙂


  8. This is good Rae. I’m chewing on this as I have started to study Satan – modern Christinaity has really deities him, yet as a fallen angel I wonder, does he really have the power to know our thoughts and heart as God does? Does he really have power to inject thoughts and desires in Us? We know he operates in the world but I am unsure where the limits of his power are. Thanks for the insight today!

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  9. Jamae Cline says:

    Hey Rae. Looking attractive is the natural process of maturing to capture a mate. I don’t see anything wrong in what you did. If a guy gets doped up on your pheromones (which are powerful enough and designed to alter brain activity and the way someone thinks of you.. google it) and likes you, that’s just natural. Same as a when a bee stings and it cause pain and or even death. Nature itself is not kind, you are young enough I believe, so regardless of what you do, make up or not, that does not mean someone still will not see you as pretty.

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  10. Jamae, That’s very insightful and thank you! My post wasn’t to downplay having self-confidence, but rather keep a firm grasp on pride which can be quite unattractive in the eyes of the Lord. I know that sounds super religious. Oh, gracious. I just realized I’m starting to sound like a Church lady lol. Anyway, thank you for your comment.


  11. Yes, you definitely got me with that title. That goes to show, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or its title, in this case, shall we say a blog. Thanks for visiting my site, and liking my blog

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  12. The Yaezter Hara (the inclination to do evil; Judaism) is very subtle. That’s why I wear my yarmulke – it’s a reminder.

    I tell my children “Being good is hard; doing wrong is easy. That’s why G-d made good difficult, so that you can lift yourself above the animal.”

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