On Some *Real* Bible Study

I use a systematic approach to my Bible studies. It’s basically a more doper version of the Scripture, Observation, Application, Pray (SOAP) method. I call it the R.E.A.L. approach. Get it? Cuz my blog is Real as the Streets and my username is Real as Rae. Yeah, you get it lol.

Honestly, I’m just tired of seeing SOAP everywhere I turn. I mean really. Of all the acronyms in the world, soap?! “Hey let’s all use SOAP to study our Bible!” Smh.

Besides, there’s nothing clean or bubbly about being in the midst of a brutal spiritual war. Where every day consists of exhausting struggles, both internal and external, to desperately holdfast the teachings of Christ. To maintain some sense of purpose and hope in a world of decay and disappointment.

r.e.a.l bible study read examine ask live learn more about this bible study method at realasthestreets.org

So let’s break down R.E.A.L:

  • Read a Bible verse, chapter, book, etc.
  • Examine the context of the content (author, audience, purpose, era, etc.)
  • Ask the Lord to show you how the material applies to your life.
  • Live the principles revealed to you.

That’s my Bible studying approach in a nutshell. Feel free to share your own methods in the comments!

Read and be real,


48 thoughts on “On Some *Real* Bible Study

  1. I like REAL a lot better than SOAP for sure. Your post reminded me of years ago when kids had the FROG bracelets (Fully Rely On God). All I could think of then was how frogs had been a plague on the OT and that someone hadn’t really thought that through.

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  2. I like to write something about what I’ve gained from reading and examining the Scriptures. Also, I generally follow my Scripture reading with some pages of a book by a Christian writer, preferably one from earlier in the history of the Church rather than a current writer. Presently, I’m combining my reading of the Bible with selections of John Chrysostom’s sermons on I & II Corinthians. Enlightening stuff! J.

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  3. I like how you included the “Examine” part to your study. It is certainly important to understand how the author intended the passage to come across to the original readers before we consider how to apply those principles to our 21st Century lives! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Isn’t it REALly another type of SOAP? In both models you assume there are discrete “principles” you can “apply” and they are the focus of how you use scriptures. Most of the Bible is made up of story and poetry, which are not designed as a how-to manual. I do recognize that we all want direction from the Bible and it is not wrong to want it at all. In fact it is the best place to look for direction. However, I suggest instead of coming to the text with preconceived categories of how it is supposed to work, why not read the Bible for it’s own sake according to it’s own terms, whether it has something you can “apply” or not. Let it work on you how ever it wants to.

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  5. Yes, it’s just a more appropriate acronym. I view the Bible as not a man-inspired text to view for literary enjoyment, but rather a God-inspired tome to living in a manner consistent with His will. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy fiction and poetry and other books of entertainment. But, the Bible is holy and sacred.

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  6. controversialchristian1 says:

    My life is so messy that I definitely need SOAP now and again, but I also need to get REAL, too!

    Seriously, it’s a really good post, Rae. I try to just pray when I need to, as my life is up and down, and I can’t plan like that. I just try to talk to God like He is my best friend.

    I’ve changed my profile pic, btw. It looks better than the last one, which made me look like a Turkish godfather!

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  7. Glad to see you again! It’s great that you’re far enough along in your spiritual journey to speak to God as a friend. Because He really is! 🙂


  8. I thought about getting it copyrighted and profiting off it. Then my next thought was that God gave me the idea. He has freely given me so much. To try to “claim” this method by copyrighting it wouldn’t be right. I’d be no different then the merchants selling their wares in the house of the Lord. Lol but i appreciate you, as always. You’re so kind and supportive (:

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  9. I love the R.E.A.L. approach. It is more organic and allows us to allow Holy Spirit to move, to teach, and to reveal! One of my favorite methods is cross reference but lately I’ve found that when I write out 4 or 5 verses at a time, Holy Spirit begins to illuminate the areas that He wants me to dig deeper for His revelation.

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  10. Hey as far as copyrighting it, it is technically copyrighted as soon as you write it. Having it here documents when you wrote it, etc. besides, Rae, expanding it, developing it, then publishing it, doesn’t mean you have to sell it. You can give it.

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  11. Dan says:

    You are spreading the Word just like WWJD?
    That’s all. God knows your heart, He gave you the idea!
    My thoughts of course!
    In Christ,

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  12. Yep! Besides, at some point, you have to make a living. If this kind of thing can free you up to do that then it is a blessing for all. It doesn’t have to be for dishonest gain like the money changers, but the minister is worthy of his or her hire! Don’t pay for trademarks though. Just document your creative property on line, mail it to yourself, whatever. It is already your property. So, plant it and cultivate it because the Master will be looking to harvest where He has not planted. Why did He not plant? Because He gave it to you to plant!

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  13. Love your passion and fresh approach. Personally, I love both approaches. SOAP has helped invigorate my journalling, and I know several young people who have become passionate about the Lord through the method. However, I love the “live” principal that your approach ends with. A much needed reminder!

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  14. Hi Rae,
    I guess take on REAL life with God’s Word. Application is where things really make a difference.
    On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 7:06 AM Real as the Streets wrote:
    > *Rae posted: “I use a systematic approach to my Bible studies based on the > Scripture, Observation, Application, Pray (SOAP) approach. However, I > prefer to call it the REAL approach. Get it? Cuz my blog is Real as the > Streets and my username is Real as Rae. Yeah, you ” >

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  15. Dear Rae, thank you for checking out my post I recently made and for liking it. After reading this blog post and another one I “liked”, I would love to do a Bible study with you, if that is somehow possible. Your method for studying the Bible is something I have been trying, and the “live” part sometimes gives me trouble. Perhaps we could discuss this more privately via email? Please let me know. Thanks.

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  16. Thanks for the like on my blog Miracles of God’s Word. It is a miracle each time I read God’s Word. Or shall I say, He shows me His miracles. I like your method, but as you’ve seen in my site, I go into details to teach about 2 dozen methods to study scripture, with living, vivid examples for each method. It comes from the teacher in me. I can see the details plainly enough to explain the step by step process. I also see how Jesus taught those same methods over a number of days using real life examples, and a host of parables, not to mention, sending people back to scripture. Hope we can network and make a lot happen in this world.

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  17. gumersindo says:

    ! I like your method, but as you’ve seen in my land site, I go into details to instruct about 2 12 methods to field of study scripture, with aliveness, vivid examples for each method.

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  18. This is so funny, because I had never even seen S.O.A.P. (except as a way to chart in nursing) until about a week ago. I thought I’d try it this year. I never liked it for nursing but I thought I could for Bible Study and it’s worked pretty well for a few days…but I think I like R.E.A.L better! I’ll give it try and let you know. =). Happy 2018!

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