The House of Second Chances

Historically, special estates are given names. For example:

  • Satis House (Great Expectations, Charles Dickens)
  • Grey Gardens (Long Island home of the Bouvier Beales)
  • The White House (Home of the United States President)

Much like a boat or a child, naming something makes it unique and set apart. Now that I’ve officially been a homeowner for two months (yay!), I want to name my house.

I woke up wondering what I could call this humble abode. This place that saved me from an single room apartment on the wrong side of town.

woman and sunset with lamentations 3:25

As I was researching ideas to revamp old patio furniture and upcycle items, it came to me. My home is where I:

  • Gave up the life I had before to follow Christ.
  • Brought my daughter after she was born in the hospital.
  • Started Real as the Streets Blog.
  • Was sought out by members of my current, permanent Church.
  • Fully forgave the father of my child.
  • Got offered my first full time salaried position.
  • Got my first real promotion only 6 months after accepting the full time position.

In short, despite all I had done and been through, this place is where I’ve been granted countless blessings I never expected- nor deserved.

Like my Savior, my home is known for second chances. So today I Christen my home, “The House of Second Chances.”


26 thoughts on “The House of Second Chances

  1. AMEN!!!! Well, in context of your story, I should name my crib (the home with which God has blessed me) “To Infinity and Beyond.” 😂 Man, the number of chances He’s given me is immeasurable.

    As usual…wonderful post, Rae.


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  2. We are the people of second chances! “When a baby is born, it comes out of darkness into the light.” This quote from Warren Wiersbe also describes what happens at our new-birth, and hence the terminology, “born-again” into a second chance.

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  3. A very appropriate and encouraging name. May the blessing of the Lord’s love cover all things in your newly named home, cause you to believe all the things God wants for your life there, and enable you to endure all things for the sake of Christ and the glory of His name.

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  4. SR says:

    This is a beautiful post from one who has acquired such a sweet soul. That is the beauty of God, there is always another “chance” for us therefore; there is always hope in Him. How He loves us, and nothing we ever say nor do can separate us from that love. Thanks so much for sharing this. Love and God Bless, SR

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  5. So thankful for God who gives us second chances… and who loves us and made a way for us to have a relationship with Him! How awesome is that?! Congratulations on your new home. Prayers for you in life’s journey.

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  6. Congratulations! I love the name, “The House of Second Chances.” Even our God is a God of 2nd Chance. He so loves us that He forgave us, even when we err, He doesn’t lose hope on us, He waits eagerly for our returning home. Congratulations once again. We are bound to hear joyous news in the abode of the righteous!

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  7. Dear Rae,

    Great name. I pray for many opportunities for second chances to be coming to you and your family.


    On Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 5:40 AM Real as the Streets wrote:

    > *Rae posted: “Historically, special estates are given names. For example: > Sadis House (Great Expectations, Charles Dickens) Grey Gardens (Long Island > home of the Bovier Beales) The White House (Home of the United States > President) Much like a boat or a child, nami” >


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