18 thoughts on “Trashed

  1. I hope not! I have dozens of poem on partial pieces of paper just waiting for my. Attention. No plans to trash thrm. But your poem is cute! Thanks for a lovely reminder of what I’ve neglected

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  2. That’s why I like writing about scripture. I can leave it alone for a day or two, come back, and Jesus is still waiting there with more to share. I feel like all I am doing is taking notes in a conversation with Heaven. But that’s alright. It keeps me humble. And best of all, gets me out of this world for a few minutes.

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  3. jsayles556 says:

    Feels like there’s a chasm between the thoughts in my head and the words on the paper/screen . I can never really get it quite right, so I end up with half formed ideas scribbled in Evernote. Makes me feel better that it sounds like I’m not the only one haha… wait… is that weird to say out loud?

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