Damn, this shit is serious.

It takes a lot to get me rattled. I love scary movies and storms… But not Irma.

Things are crazy here in South Georgia. I went to Winn-Dixie for some bottled water and they’re sold out. So are the Walmarts. Same for gasoline at the gas stations.

It’s like this in most counties in South Georgia. This is some Mad Max shit. Where water and fuel got people losing their minds.

The Governor of Georgia announced we are in a state of emergency.

Lord, help us all.

Harvey was bad. Irma is worse.

Not because of the potential damage she could cause Georgia. But because now there’s a murmur of panic in my quiet little city. Like being in a room full of propane and praying no one lights a match.

For those who aren’t affected by any hurricane, be grateful, cuz







47 thoughts on “Damn, this shit is serious.

  1. I bet it’s way worse in Florida. The worst part is it’s not even the storm that’s scary. It’s the panic among masses. Something in human nature makes our fear contagious to others. It’s when people resort to basic animal instincts that frighten me.

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  2. We can pray away storms. I’ve done it to two hurricanes. Glory to God. He allowed them to not be so damaging. Try rebuking hurricane Irma IJN. I’ve been doing that and have already seen shifts in the sphaghetti models and NHC’s cone. “Jesus got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, ‘Quiet! Be still!’ Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.” Mark 4:39

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  3. I can definitely feel your pain after witnessing some not so pleasant things happen over a loaf of bread and gallon of water here in FL 🤦🏽‍♀️. May a hedge of protection be placed around you and your family and stay safe.

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  4. I’m in Florida, so it’s CRAZY here! It feels like everyone is preparing for the apocalypse (which, let’s be honest, is only half exaggerated…). Let’s just pray that this thing weakens before it gets up here, it scaaaaarry…

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  5. Rae, I am in agreement with all those in prayer for you and all the souls who are facing this great disaster. Let us not underestimate it at all, but pray fervently and be lead by Holy Spirit who has the power to provide for, spare and redeem lives in any situation. All will be well with you in Jesus’ powerful name. Amen xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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  6. Hi Rae, I also am in Florida. But we had prayer at church last evening for all, no loss of life, no loss of property, no loss of resources and no civil unrest. Psalm 91 especially in the New Living Translatin is something good to recite over your life. For He is our God in whom we trust. He is our refuge and place of safety. His faithful promises are our amour and our strength. He has given His angels charge over us to protetct us everywhere we go. He is a good God and He does good. He doesn’t use evil to teach us anything. It is His goodness which He uses to teach us. There is a devil and their are consequences to sin, but God’s mercy and love are new every morning. He loves you and I love you too. So have a blessed day. For this is the day the Lord has made and I (we) will rejoice and be glad in it.

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  7. I’m so glad you prayed for civil unrest. I’ll take a natural disaster over mass panic any day. People are as unpredictable and as dangerous as any hurricane when they are scared.


  8. It is a strange world we live in. I watched a video of the storm that hit the Philippines a year or so back. It seems the government tried an experiment on that storm using mirowave emitters to calm the storm. Oops, they made it worse. It was hit on 3 sides and that storm turned into a monster. Then look at the billions people gave to the victims from that storm. Nothing made it to the people who had their homes wiped out. Sad to see how those storms bring out the worst in people in so many ways. I look at those storms as a warning sign. But a warning about what? Just look at the Bible. Babylon falls and all the merchants stand back at a distance watching. Sitting on their gold and riches saying, “too bad.” When we see those things in real life, what message are we supposed to be understanding. Sure we can pray, but the people going through that trial have to be the people listening. Rae, you went through a lot, and you put it into words people can understand. You take a bad thing and turn it into an opportunity to help people. Not many people like you around. Keep it up. Let the world know, what is happening is real.

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  9. Daniel Peterson says:

    Female name. She’s only trying to outdo Harvey, like any female would ever do. Like when a man tells her she CAN’T. But some men never learn. Some of us are so stupid we just ain’t meant to. We keep asking the women to just kill us already, as to torture us like they do. But then they respond and do something like Irma, keep you alive to just do it again and again and again. That’s how I understand the heart and personality of the female. I swear that hurricane is not male. I cannot be blamed for it. The one responsible for causing that hurricane, someone oughta call her and tell her to knock it off already. I mean, Washington is losing the Redskins. Are they going to take the Hurricanes from Miami–the “U”? That just ain’t right. Am I wrong?

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  10. Rae,

    You all have been in our prayers. The Lord keep you and your family safe. Hope you can help and be helped.


    On Wed, Sep 6, 2017 at 5:38 PM Real as the Streets wrote:

    > *Rae posted: “It takes a lot to get me rattled. I love scary movies and > storms… But not Irma. Things are crazy here in South Georgia. I went to > Winn-Dixie for some bottled water and they’re sold out. So are the > Walmarts. It’s like this in most counties in South Geor” >

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  11. Klara Gomez says:

    Irma brought us to your state for a little vacation. We fell in love with GA and didn’t want to come back to South Florida. I have to say… I’ve never seen so many churches in my life! 😍

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