Jesus has my heart, so I speak from my heart. Typing truth with faith like Ruth.

Then some come along and say, “Christians speak one way.” They call out my hypocrisy, the internet Pharisees.

Cuz I can’t be Christian,
I can’t love Christ,
If my language has some spice.

Check out MEphipany, I don’t give a shit. My relationship with Him is still legit.

You don’t like my tone, so you throwing your stones. Since when was your judgemental ass on the Throne?

I’ll clean up my act as He urges me to. But last I checked, He’s my God and not you.

There’s poverty, suffering, and death in the hordes. Yet you’re spending your time condemning my words?

Let’s play a game called, “Prioritize.”

Before you come for my speck, get the plank out your eyes.


31 thoughts on “Hypocrisy

  1. Well Rae, there is a thing called the laws of the prophets Jeremiah wrote about. There are messages from God, messages from the heart, then messages from committees, boardrooms, and the parrots they create and control. You don’t fit the Christian parrot mold, so they gotta throw stones. I wouldn’t worry about it. I call them 6 shooters. They only know 6 lines out of the Bible, and run out of ammo after that. Then it is all wind, their ideas — but wait — they follow a committee. If God talked to anyone, He would go straight to their committee for approval. So in their little world, God would go to their committee before He would go to anyone like you. How do they know your message is committee approved? From what I know, one day people like that will open their eyes to see how they have been misled. But I know — look at the timing. Judgment will be finished. Sorry no second chances or do overs. Decisions have been made and you are either saved or lost forever. That is something the parrots don’t want to hear. They’ve been told to wait, there will be a second chance to straighten out, make a few changes, or take out their little silver crosses to save themselves. Religion by committee is not a good thing, but it is all some people have.

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  2. Maddox says:

    I believe there’s a standard in God most us try to live by. People follow us and are looking to us as examples and reflections of that godly standard. Although we shouldn’t judge one another, the Bible says to judge ourselves so no one else can judge us (1 cor. 11:31).
    In James 3, it speaks of the tongue being an “unruly evil” (NKJV), that with it we bless God and curse men. It goes on to say that out of the same mouth produce blessing and cursing. So James finishes by saying in verse 10-12:
    “My brethren, these things ought not to be so. Does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening? Can a fig tree, my brethren, bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Thus no spring yields both salt water and fresh.”
    The book of James reminds us, our tongues are like rudders to the ships of our thought lives.
    For those of us with different struggles of course, the process of being delivered takes some time. We are all in different seasons in our lives and where we shouldnt be judgemental, we should instead be “accountable”. But I don’t condone of using the cussing system while proclaiming the name of Jesus. We live our lives holy and set apart, to reflect as best as we can a Godly standard. But we also want to invite the blessing in our lives by speaking life, and not the curse in our lives by speaking “curse” words.
    Just a little advice! I love your blog and I admire your honesty.

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  3. Hello, Rae, and God bless the work you’re doing. I’m honestly torn, because I have seen where Paul uses the greek word skubalon at Philippians 3:8. Most Bible versions will translate that word as “loss” or “garbage” or “dung.” However, I have been told by people that I consider to be reliable scholars that it is more literally something like “shit.”
    Then I read at Ephesians 4:29 the warning to not let any unwholesome word come from our mouths. So, what’s your take on that?
    I’m eager to hear your opinion, which I will value, because you are putting into practice what I have already been considering, that as “nice Christians” we’re getting hung up on minor issues, i.e. people using “naughty words,” and missing greater issues. I hardly think that using words like “shit” and “ass” are taking the Lord’s name in vain. But I still find Eph 4:29 to be a speedbump. What do you think?

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  4. I believe words themselves are neither good nor bad. It’s the intent behind them. Shit and ass, to me, are just words like, butt and crap because they are synonyms. I use the words “bitch” in sentences like “this headache is a bitch” but I’d never use it against a person. That’s my take. But you’re right. It’s easy to get hung up on minor things.

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  5. Zandy Miller says:

    I see your point on words as synonyms Rae, but as Maddox said, it is not our place as Christians to use words that have a history of negative connotation in the same sentence as Jesus Christ. Especially being that there are other words we can use. I get for the poem it all makes sense, but just from other Christians standpoint, it could put off a lot of your followers.

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  6. Zandy, those are valid points. But my duty isn’t to cater to the preferences of others. Nor has that ever been my intention. I want to live for Him and not concern myself about what others think. I’m not worried about how it’ll affect the blog’s following. Because the only ones who don’t like my word choice are the ones who I wrote my poem about. There are many Christian blogs out there. For those sensitive to profanity, I would encourage them to seek out other blogs. I promise it won’t hurt my feelings. I got tough skin lol.


  7. Khris Zello says:

    I just LOOOVE this writing. I cannot write a poem for the life of me ha!
    I guess I should ask, with all of this talk about cussing. What is your stance on homosexuality? The Bible mentions it as wrong. But you have people now that tolerate what once was described as a mental illness. I am guessing as not to get on peoples bad side, so people don’t really speak out against something like that. I am sure you are probably heterosexual yourself. I could not find any other related posts, so I though this one was appropriate to ask this. Tnx!! BTW, your answer won’t offend me.

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  8. Thanks, Khris! The reason homosexuality isn’t not mentioned anywhere on my blog is because it’s not a topic I give much thought to. That said, I don’t really have a stance outside of the words of Christ.


  9. Rae,
    I think if the heart is right everything that needs to be said will be said right, right?
    On Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 4:13 AM Real as the Streets wrote:
    > *Rae posted: “Jesus has my heart, so I speak from my heart. Typing truth > with faith like Ruth. Then some come along and say, “Christians speak one > way.” They call out my “hypocrisy,” the internet Pharisees. Cuz I can’t be > Christian, I can’t love Christ, If my languag” >

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  10. KeepItReal, First off, i LOVE that username! And please, please never be afraid to be bold. I was at first, too. But you have a voice and if God places it on your heart to speak- never worry what others will say. Blessings, *Rae

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