The Wonderful Wildlife of Southern Spain

The Wonderful Wildlife of Southern Spain

The Wonderful Wildlife of Southern Spain – I try to count the griffon vulture as it glides effortlessly into the 2 meters. Spread on the top of the mountains in front of my house.

I was checking the damage to our garden earlier when the boar was back here last night and it seems that my husband’s roots were polished.

He looked up when he heard the cries of an eagle Bota, who told his partner that there was nothing to fear from the scavenger vultures, their constant circle moving further and further into the valley and looking like some unfortunate Ibex. whoever tried jumps too much

Nature here is phenomenal and the variety of birds seems endless. Yesterday evening we heard the cry of the Great Horned Owl at the bottom of the valley and we fell asleep at the same time because of the beautiful song of a nightingale somewhere in front of our bedroom window.

Having lived here for more than 14 years, I am always surprised by the diversity of wildlife. I am always surprised by the flash of a yellow flash through the brush while a Golden Oriole is busy with his stuff.

The Wonderful Wildlife of Southern Spain

I love to see the comic Hop jump over the bug hunt and the sound I can only describe as a cliché similar to the many species. Peaks search for larvae. I am particularly intrigued by the large variety of birds of prey that effortlessly enter our home and that I still can not find.

The region is one of the forested valleys and majestic mountains with large bands of wildflowers in the spring and plenty of fruits and nuts in summer, autumn, and winter.

I am looking for a network and I take an unwanted guest (a salamander) from the pool and I put my bathers and I take a bath.

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Where is this paradise that I hear you ask? It might surprise you that I travel 20 minutes with my husband and all his karaoke equipment in the lively bars of the Costa del Sol, where he works.

Yes, we live in Andalusia. The real Spain. Fewer people, less traffic and more than 70% of European fauna and flora, a real paradise.


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