Love is a Game

Love is a game and one of chance.
Play by the rules and win romance.
First roll the dice, and then advance.
You may get lucky or just a dance.

Love is a gamble and kind of a bitch.
With playing, cheating, and tryna get rich.
Motives matter when looking to hitch.
Some hearts soar to false heights and land in a ditch.

Love is erratic, no tales are the same.
Some bask in pleasure, others wallow in pain.
With love, you can embrace or abstain.
Whatever approach, love is a game.


11 thoughts on “Love is a Game

  1. So true. Been through it all and thought about writing a book about it. But there are a million manly ideas on love. Nothing is new under the sun. Someone has gone through it before. I decided to look for that one true love from Heaven. I’m proof reading that book now, post a few short chapters now and then, and should have one of them out in about a month. But so many distractions. Spending way too much time on dating sites.

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  2. Dear Rae,

    Love your real poetry. Yes, love in this world is something we all have to face. Thank the Lord that His love is stronger than all the junk we try and add to it.
    Fight that fight of love with the one who wrote the book on it.


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  3. Love IS a game to most people. But it’s NOT a game, it’s not passion, it’s not selfish, it’s not …
    Love is a principle to live your life by. It may include passion, it may include selflessness. But love practiced by most people IS selfish, unruly, careless and controlling. So sad, but true. Our kind of love, bastardized by Satan himself, has become a deadly game.
    After 54 years of marriage to the same woman, I’ve learned a thing or two about what God’s love is all about. Perhaps that’s why He gave us the institution of marriage, to teach us love is really made of.


  4. Good points. This is actually just a poem. An expression of what I was feeling at the time, not necessarily a generalization for love. My poems may be factual, may be nonsensical, but they are all my emotions and thoughts put in words.


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