How I Cope

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These past two weeks, I’ve been in an episode. For those unfamiliar with the term, an “episode” is when depression-prone individuals fall into a temporary bout of darkness.
I’m finally clawing my way back out. And let me just say, this last episode was something severe. Anyway, the Lord saw me through it. As use.

Now that I’m a bit more clear-headed, I want to share some of the activities that are helping me out of this pit of pity and hopelessness:

  1. Writing Poetry: This is a big one. There’s something about writing raw poetry that cleanses the soul, rejuvenates the heart, and soothes the mind.
  2. Reading Blogs of Those Who Share My Struggle: Whenever I’m feeling down-right suicidal, I go to the blogs of those on that same level. When I read their words, I’m able to see objectively into their situation. It’s not hopeless for them at all! So I comment encouraging words. And feel better about myself and my situation.
  3. ‎Do My Nails: I may be a depressed, self-loathing, immature, petty wreck of a person. But I’ll be damned if my nails look ratched. One night bitter tears were streaming down my face as I applied press-on nails. When I finished with both the tears and nails, I realized how good my hands looked. And felt pretty. A good cry and boost of self-esteem work wonders on the hurting heart.
  4. Cling to That Verse: You know the one(s). Those Words you recite as if they were breath to life. That Go-To, Never Fail Bible Verse. The one you will have carved into your tombstone. For me, that’s Job 5:17.

Anyone in the throes of depression will read this post and scoff. Because in that pit, there is no light. However, once you start climbing back to emotional equilibrium, look for activities that serve as a catalyst to your recovery.


42 thoughts on “How I Cope

  1. One of the things I do when I have an episode is sit down and make lists of all the things I can be happy about (even small, weird things). Poetry is also a great way to get out, and of course, PRAYER is key!

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  2. You are real with your struggle Rae than many would in a life time. At one time or another we all experience the slippery slope to “hell”. Elijah experienced it, so were many other giant of faith. I pray that the Lord will heal and soothe you as you dwell more in his presence. Let us all endeavor to pray for one another more for we don’t know who and when we unavoidably travel down that path. God bless you!

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  3. Hey, sister Rae! Glad to know you are learning to overcome life’s many struggles.
    Running this race that Christ has called us is never easy. We are not called to be perfect, but He expects us to keep clawing and pressing on toward the goal, so that we can reach the prize of being called to heaven (Philippians 3:12-14). As a citizen of heaven, you must keep enduring as you keep your eyes fixed on Christ.
    We all wish we could walk smoothly into heaven, but when we get there, we will realize that everyone who made it had to claw their way there and fight off all kinds of darkness and depression. Keep clawing!

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  4. Powerful message

    There are so many pits that we can find ourselves in. I love the verse you included in your message and reading futher down to the next verses in JOB is just as reassuring for us all too.

    Keep pressing on. While we all are going through something(s) here. HE never ever promised that life here would be easy. In fact, HE told us long ago in HIS word that we would have troubled times. It’s trusting GOD DURING the storm. It’s easy to praise GOD when the bills are paid and everything is going fine. The real test is how we respond while we are in the valley. We cannot stay on the mountaintop always in our walk of faith with GOD. We got some peaks, some hills, and some valleys too to go through.

    I’m in one right now myself too. This today is so encouraging because it reminded me once again that I am not alone in my sufferings.

    Thank you!!
    Also I said a prayer for you too!!!

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  5. I think we’ve all seen that dark side, the place Satan wants to push us. You keep writing girl. Not many people have that unique ability to write a process that actually helps people in a language they can understand. You’re one of God’s gems always shining for someone else, but to reach them, you can’t always be shining for yourself.


  6. Loved this! Very pure and honest. It’s always great when you start to be more rational and realise things aren’t as bad as they are feeling ! Praying for you sis ! God is with us even in the darkness !!

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  7. Hi Rae, great post. I really related to this post as I somethings suffer from bouts of depression. I find writing and in particular poetry helps to express the way I’m feeling and it’s a form of release. Thanks for sharing, it touched my heart. Keep on pressing on God is with us when we are in the pit and he’s there when we find our way out. Love Sophia


  8. Hi Rae,

    I had that hit me too in the summer. This is the battle creative people fight! The Lord give you deeper character and solid faith because you and Jesus are a majority!


    On Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 2:08 PM Real as the Streets wrote:

    > *Rae posted: “These past two weeks, I’ve been in an episode. For those > unfamiliar with the term, an “episode” is when depression-prone individuals > fall into a temporary bout of darkness. I’m finally clawing my way back > out. And let me just say, this last episode was so” >

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  9. restless wanderer says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! And I can relate to your struggle. Depression sometimes hits me in the face, and it makes me wonder if I’m doing something wrong. Thanks for being so transparent. It assures me that I’m not alone. ❤️

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  10. Well written, sister. I know what you mean… Sometimes depression not only knocks the wind out of a person, but takes away the will to breathe. I’ve been there. I’m so glad God got you through. Thank you for sharing the things that help you get through it. It’s helpful for me, too. 🙂

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  11. Betty Jo/ The Journey says:

    I know personally that God is Able to help us through our pains, hurts, and struggles. Being diagnosed with Lupus some years ago. It has been a Challenge, I refuse to allow Lupus to define who I am. It’s good to depend on God, My dependence is in Him. It’s good to be around others who will speak positive words in your life, and it a blessing you are doing what you enjoy doing, and sharing your journey of blessings with others. So they to know there is ((HOPE)).My prayers are with you, allow God too use you for His purpose. ((Hugs))

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