Budget Travel to Tunisia, A North African Oasis

Budget Travel to Tunisia, a North African Oasis

Budget Travel to Tunisia, a North African Oasis –┬áTunisia is the smallest country in North Africa but historical culture and interesting places compete with the best in North Africa. in fact, during the turbulent invasion, Tunisia was occupied by many large Mediterranean countries.

History giving a distinctive and interesting way of life neighbor there is so much to see and do in this small country and even many Europeans. make impressive Islamic architecture Roman ruins and Carthage and very friendly.

People still have access points for tourists but good and has been added. to the south, you have beaches and breathtaking views of the desert and mountains target. the best time to visit Tunisia is in the spring then between March and May.

The heats are hot and hot summer is popular for Europeans and can be very hot and the accommodation is first class. healthy: medical services in Tunisia are not good. if you are seriously ill you may need to be evacuated by air. italy because waterborne viruses are a problem you need to consider the fundamentals of water hygiene. consider how to boil water or just drink bottled water.

Budget Travel to Tunisia, A North African Oasis

How are you the same applies to all hot countries because you should then follow heat stroke and dehydration? and sunscreen. drink plenty of water drink plenty of salt and protect yourself.

The snake there are problems in the south so watch your ideas when you visit the area. visas and documents: most westerners can be deprived of tunes for up to three months. if you need to obtain a visa Australian and New Zealand citizens can only take two weeks upon arrival.

Although this extension lasts about two weeks it can be easily used in Tunisia. israeli citizens are not allowed in this country. cost: Tunisia is an imaginary destination for economic travelers who have a lot to see and are too expensive they are available on a budget of 15 a day including very low every night guest house local transport and catering.

If your budget is a little more a more comfortable guest house and the opportunity to visit the most remote places. landscapes for such a small country Tunisia visitors. the capital Tunis is a city of relaxation and it is easy to stay here a few days. do not want to escape.

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There are many interesting places in the city including many beautiful relics such as ancient Carthage and Utica. this beach is beautiful with some beautiful beaches and bays and places around. everyone starts with jet-sets between you and those looking for a more isolated place.

He is exempt. the only problem with this is that it is full in the summer. europeans who have found the beaches in the last five years. another important point of the visit in Tunisia is the visit to the city of one de Tozeur the city amazing views and bustling market life. a great way to enjoy the view of the world. the best dessert in a three-day camel safari wonderful experience and incredible value for money.


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