Reality Check, Mah Ninja

girl with a gun in a car

My cultural identity has evolved over the years. Growing up biracial in the South, I didn’t know whether to listen to Skynyrd or Pac. (So I chose both)

Being submerged in two distinct Southern cultures saturated with Christian teachings has its advantages and disadvantages.

Disadvantage: Making decisions without feeling ostracized by your peers who are, for all intents and purposes, walking stereotypes.

Example: When dealing with escalated confrontation from another party do I kick they ass? Bless their heart? Or turn the other cheek?

Advantage: Realizing you get the best of all worlds.

Example: When dealing with escalated confrontation from another party, I use a progressive strike system. Turn the other cheek, bless their heart, then kick they ass.

Yeah… Jesus puts in overtime with me. #workinprogress

Now that I have a career and family, my identity has shifted from racial/ethnic to familial and professional.

Some adjustments are relatively painless. Like accepting my fabulous post-baby body can’t squeeze into those size 10s in my closet. If they don’t make me look and feel good as I am, they have no place in my life.

The hardest part of my identity evolution is accepting I’m not a thug no mo.

This realization didn’t come from being a single mother who eats dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets while watching Mickey and the Roadster Racers with her daughter.

No, the reality slap in the face came from generational stereotypes. Y’all know the word Millennial? Now that my generation has come of age, that’s a word used by older people whose jobs will be ours in about a decade.


I have a friend who is also a mixed Millennial. She’s part Persian, part Romanian and looks Middle-Eastern. She knows about cultural struggles in the South, too. Also like me, she’s hella chill. We are both overachievers who love getting ratched to trap music.

She’s a kindred badass, as it were.

Last night we were chillin and watching one of my favorite YouTube comedians, johnbcrist. He incorporates Christian cliches in his comedy.

It was his video Millennial International: Sponsor a Millennial that ignited my identity crisis.

At first my friend and I laughed because we weren’t like other Millennials. We were realer and more dope than our basic ass peers who eat kale crackers, graduated with a liberal arts degree, spend all day posting their lives on the internet, etc.

Then the video mentioned Audi and Spotify Premium. So I laughed at my friend who drives an Audi and has a Spotify Premium account.

At least I still had my street cred. #therealest #thugginonthursdays

Then the video referenced Kombucha as I was sipping on my Blueberry Mint Humm beverage and taking a hit from my vape pen.

Now I’m struggling with the rough reality that I’m more Carlton than Will, if you will.

That’s a hard pill to swallow.

Honestly, I shoulda seen this coming. Several years ago I really wanted to be a pirate. Yes, I was heavily influenced by Disney’s Pirates of the Carribbean.

One day after work I said, “I want to be a pirate. Live by my own rules. Drink rum. Roam the seas with no one or nothing to tie me down!” My coworker told me to go be pirate, then.

With a heavy heart, I replied, “I can’t. I need a boat to be a pirate.” To which he asked, “Why don’t you steal one?” Naturally, I responded, “Because it’s illegal.”

I guess it’s time to turn in my card. >.<

I’m a Kombucha drinking softy who loves gangsta rap and hood movies. I’ve accepted this. I embrace my unique Millennial, ethnically confusing, moderately offensive identity.

Never let it be said that ya girl Rae was delusional or out of touch with reality.

To close this post on a positive note…

At least I’m not a self-absorbed Millennial who spends all their time posting their life in hashtags on the internet. #glasshalffull #saturdayswag


P.S: I’m an aspiring blogger from Georgia. Sponsor me today so I can quit my IT job and start a vape liquid product line based on Christian virtues and continue abusing hashtags on WordPress! 🙂 #dreams

13 thoughts on “Reality Check, Mah Ninja

  1. 😂 (LOL)

    Rae, you are too much!!! 😄. I was just thinking yesterday to Email you in order to check on you. I guess the Lord placed you on my heart because we haven’t heard from you in a minute. Then, you come out the box swinging with THIS!!!!!

    So, I now know you are alright and “live and kickin.” Glad to hear from you mi hermana bonita. Tenga un buen dia!

    Tu hermano, Fred.

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  2. OMG, this is stunning, brutally honest, fun and a delightful peek into your life. I’m formulating a post, along the theme of, Ame donde es! loosely translated Love where you are! You have nailed it here. Thank you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Rae,
    The Lord gave you a complicated, yet diverse storyline because He is writing an amazing story with your life. Let the Author of Life keep sling what He does best.
    On Sat, Nov 11, 2017 at 10:40 AM Real as the Streets wrote:
    > *Rae posted: “My cultural identity has evolved over the years. Growing up > biracial in the South, I didn’t know whether to listen to Skynyrd or Pac. > (To answer the question, I listen to both.) There was, and still is, a > polarizing split between Southern black and white” >

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