Buh-Bye, Strapless Sin Suits

woman in chair with wedge shoes

Like I mentioned in Reality Check, Mah Ninja, I’m going through a period of identity transformation.

I’ve never been good at fashion. My whole life was sweats and tees to hide the ol’ jelly belly. Then I lost weight. From there, if I could get it around the middle, would wear it.

So my closet was a smorgasbord of “why do you still own this?!” type of clothing that once defined my life.

But I’m a new creature in Christ and need to clothe myself accordingly.

Which is why I’m getting rid of anything lifestyle inappropriate or too small. Unfortunately, most items I’ve gone through are both. 😦

Don’t worry, though! My ego is fine. It might have bothered me that I can’t fit into some of the clothes- ‘cept by the time I squeeze into the piece and fight to rip it off, I’ve burned like 500 calories. #getatmefitbit

Since modesty is my favorite adornment, when deciding what I will keep and what I will donate, I think about 1 Timothy 2:9.

To paraphrase: If ye can see thy crack, put it on the donate rack.

No more room for club clothing. Buh-bye strapless sin suits! But in the spirit of charity, I’ll be donating my unwanted clothes to Goodwill.

You know… in the event there’s a hooker in the market for casual wear.


26 thoughts on “Buh-Bye, Strapless Sin Suits

  1. What a sense of humor!!! You’re real AND funny! Keep it up…I can see Jesus smiling and giving you the 👍🏻.
    It’s amazing how He changes us in such a loving way where we no longer desire the old ways but are so eager to embrace our new identity in Christ!

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  2. Your paraphrase of 1 Timothy 2:9 is spot on, Rae, which is why I’m sharing this to Facebook. Call me Pollyanna, but I’m hoping some church ‘ladies’ get the message, particularly when it comes to the ‘crack’ between the neck and waist, otherwise known as cleavage. Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about my Husband averting his eyes!!

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  3. Good for you! It’s hard to make choices like this, as small as they may be. I’m constatly having to root out singers or songs that I like because while I may enjoy their music, I know that they are probably not things that are condusive to God’s work in my mental space. Thanks for making me laugh! 😂

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  4. Right! It’s so easy to keep wearing things just because they’re in our closet. But taking a systematic approach of evaluating each article of clothing, though tedious, really helps raise awareness of what we put on our body. Glad you liked the post. Thanks, Sara!

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  5. When I was growing up, I was always thin. I had a spandex little black skirt I nicknamed my slut skirt. It was cute, but I felt trashy in it even when I paired it with a cute top and made it business appropriate.

    Good for you for getting all modest. I never had friends to go clubbing with do I never had that type of clothing. I love a good pair of jeans and a tshirt.

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  6. Authentic is certainly true and funny. I deal with teens and young adults quite a lot. I want to remember the Timothy paraphrase. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. Look forward to seeing more of yours.

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  7. marylou319 says:

    I found this post by “coincidence”😇. I am beginning a weight loss journey and just yesterday put somethings in goodwill pile. After I finished and left some stuff that will eventually fit I thought, really, SHOULD you EVEN wear that….back to the closet to add more to the pile! Thanks for the smile and reality check!

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  8. Linda says:

    This is great. So wonderful to hear your testimony of how God is transforming your thinking on modesty. Drawing attention to HIM, and not us! Bless you.

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