Let’s Make Bible Study Together

If you’ve read Installing Inspiration from the Internet, you know I am an avid user of the Bible App. Starting Thursday, Feb. 1, the Bible App by YouVersion is hosting a 21-Day Bible Study Challenge.

At the end of the challenge, if you complete a study all 21 days, you get a special 21-Day Challenge badge in your Bible App profile.

I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna make sweet study to the Bible App and get me a new badge. Cuz I am a sucker for digital badging.

But gamification of Christian faith aside- you’ll never fall standing on the Word of God. Any excuse to submerge yourself in the Bible is a good one.

So let’s do this together! 🙂


26 thoughts on “Let’s Make Bible Study Together

  1. That’s a badge worth striving for. I would love to hear how God speaks to you through that 21 days. Have a great journey…I would join you but I’m already in one that takes most of my time. Enjoy your feast!

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  2. Jackie, If you’d like to add me in the Bible App, feel free! My Bible App Username as well as instructions on adding me are available at https://realasthestreets.org/2017/06/30/installing-inspiration-from-the-internet/


  3. That’s a great way to keep yourself accountable! I’m doing a New Testament Challenge our pastor created for anyone at our church who wanted something scheduled out. We’re taking nine months to go through the NT and it’s been good to get back in the Word regularly (I need some kind of schedule so I don’t lapse). I’m also taking a class right now on How to Avoid Scripture Twisting and it’s pretty terrific. The supplemental book we’re using is called How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, and it has wonderful advice on how to interpret Scripture properly. I’ll have to look for you on the Bible App!

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  4. Sounds like a cool thing to get others studying. But if my preacher comes to church with a tablet, im gonna let him know…we are not of the world, although we live in it. I guess soon they will call me old school, but thats cool, cause im no fool. Tablet bible or phone bible can never compare to a tangible book. Ever.

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  5. Keep in the word!

    On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 8:00 AM Real as the Streets wrote:

    > *Rae posted: “If you’ve read Installing Inspiration from the Internet, you > know I am an avid user of the Bible App. Starting Thursday, Feb. 1, the > Bible App by YouVersion is hosting a 21-Day Bible Study Challenge. At the > end of the challenge, if you complete a study a” >

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  6. I wonder if the Pharisees of the Old Testament who used stone tablets and scrolls would say the same thing about our physical Bible? Remember there were no tablets in Jesus’ day. Nor were there Bibles. The Bible, like the Bible app, is just God’s way of keeping His Word in our hands regardless of how our technology changes.


  7. [An applause can be heard, cheering on Ms.Rae] yes he would. We humans are resistant to change even when when recognize its inevitabky. Especially when we love something. Thats the hardest. Rae, off topic like a month ago as I was reading in Isaiah I felt a particular emphasis being placed on the importance of the sabbath. Now, currently I do attend every sunday, but only to the morning meeting at 10am. They have two meetings on sunday. One at ten and then one at six. Check these scriptures out that I felt the emphasis on: isaiah 58:13 “if you keep from desecrating the sabbath, from doing whatever YOU want on my holy day, if you call the sabbath and the holy day of the Lord honorable. If you honor it not going YOUR own ways, seeking your own pleasures, then you will delight yourself in the Lord, and I will make YOU ride over the heights of the land..”
    56:2 “happy is the man that does this, anyone who maintains this, who keeps the Sabbath and from doing evil.”
    Now, I havent felt he is placing on me the requirement to go on actual saturday, it does not feel that the idea of the sabbath, its more so dedicate an entire daynto him, to rest in him and demonstrate a willingness to sacrifice what we want to do, and do what he is asking me/us to do. Makes sense, if God rested, then so should we, but to me its not like resting its like going to the gym and refueling and getting re-energized with life.
    What do you think? Where do you find yourself at today in regards to this? And please, Im not judging at all. Our spiritual is walk our own. Im only asking to share and learn.

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  8. Wow! Rae, what and idea for a story. Funny you say that, but I have a little series on the back burner about all the cells in our body. Great idea, I hope you don’t mind if I hold on to that concept for a story? I will let you know more later.


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