I Hate Valentine’s Day

crayons and a sheet of paper with the words i hate valentine's day

I hate Valentine’s Day. Becuase you know #bittersinglewoman #hater
I’m basically the Grinch of Valentine’s Day.

Lemme explain, Dr. Seuss style.

Everyone on Facebook liked Valentine’s Day a lot.
Except Rae, the Real as the Streets blogger, who did not.

Scrolling through images from her tablet with a frown,
At the filtered romantic pics with likes all around.

“Valentine’s Day is sickening,” Rae thought with a scowl,
“Chocolate, roses, candles, and romance. It sucks something foul!”


Between the commercialization of love and the onslaught of painful reminders of my solitude. I can’t stand it.

So for all you other lonely singles out there tryna make it through the lovey-dovey season of purchases without reason.

Remember: Jesus loves you!

… Even if no one else does. 🙂


49 thoughts on “I Hate Valentine’s Day

  1. Hear hear – nothing worse than Valentine’s Day for the single person –
    An even when you’re a double person, the commercialisation angle and elevated prices make it hard to take seriously.
    I once had an argument with a florist when I dared to criticise the price of his roses on Valentine’s day. Something about the virtue of the poor conniving capitalist greedbag who has to get up especially at 4am to make a killing on the day everyone is held hostage at romantic gunpoint.
    I’m paraphrasing, clearly, but it wasn’t a convincing argument. They’ve got you by the balls though – pity the lovefool who tries to sell his girlfriend the old “Hey if I buy you roses and take you out to dinner 1 day later, it still means I love you just as much!” argument. Numbered be his double days.

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  2. I’m married and I hardly like valentines day, you aren’t alone in that my friend. Real love shouldn’t be displayed only one day per year, it should be a daily thing. I’m sort of excited that it falls on a Tuesday this year because it means we can’t make a big deal out of it.

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  3. Why must we hate? Cant’ we partake in the joy others are having and be grateful for what we have, instead of focusing on what we’re missing. I am being prepared for the love of a lifetime. I’m just not there yet. But I can love and feel what others are enjoying. how bout dah?


  4. Simply Grace says:

    PREACH IT! I’m engaged and I still hate valentine’s Day. There is so much pressure to buy gifts and make a big deal about “love”, when really, I love my fiance every day of the year.

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  5. I once had the most lovely feeling of comfort on a lonely Valentines Day. I prayed to Jesus (who I find more accessible than God) and was surrounded by love and this awesome peaceful feeling. We are never truly alone. ; )

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  6. Rae, there is nothing wrong with Valentine! But what is wrong is when it is abused by singles. It is to show and share love. The married couples can go to9 any extent, while the singles must keep to the “speed limit.” Happy Valentine Day in advance.


  7. Eric says:

    The commercialization of EVERYTHING drives me crazy. It’s like people don’t realize that corporations only want to get richer and richer off of our dumb behinds. They want us to spend spend spend until the bitter end.

    And for all the flowery I love you’s – they have their place. Don’t knock em. Just be secure in the arms of God and know that the only one who needs to love you loves you more than any lifepartner ever could.


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  8. I had to learn a long time ago that things like Valentines Day you really need to do because you love doing those romantic things which bless others, and ultimately you, then. We get hurt when we expect others to feel and act or react as we do, and most people don’t. In most relationships, one is the giver, the other the taker, one the romantic, the other only thinks their romantic “you know” -wining- the process is too much work to make it of worth my time, so they don’t spend the effort you would spend. If you want to learn to enjoy Valentines Day and other such related events and occasions then learn to do it because it pleases you and blesses the other person; otherwise, you are just going to expect something from most people they cannot or will not give freely. We love and serve others because that is who we are and not just what we do. Just my thoughts on the subject. Bless others simply to bless them. The Lord bless you! Steve

    On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 6:56 AM, Real as the Streets wrote:

    > *Rae posted: “I hate Valentine’s Day. Becuase you know #bittersinglewoman > #hater I’m basically the Grinch of Valentine’s Day. Lemme explain, Dr. > Seuss style. Everyone on Facebook liked Valentine’s Day a lot. Except Rae, > the Real as the Streets blogger, who did not. ” >

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  9. As someone who dislikes obligatory gifts, I’ve never liked Valentine’s Day and I’ve been married 16 years. My husband knows not to bring me that “crap” they sell to “celebrate” love. Plus, isn’t it a Catholic saint’s day? It’s sad how these things get adulterated. Thankfully, Jesus’ love can’t be adulterated!!

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  10. Hello Rae and readers,

    I’m inclined to agree with you about Valentine’s Day. Why is it necessary to have a special day to make a special effort? If two people really love each other it’s natural for them to make each other happy; perhaps not every day but most days.

    We could widen the debate and consider other days or festivals. I’m fond of Thanksgiving, how about you?

    Peace and love to all,


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  11. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I hate Valentine’s Day, I mean, I work with kids, so how hard can it really be? What hurts is that last year and this year, I have had guys end things with me shortly before Valentine’s.
    It’s not just Valentine’s though, every day, seeing all the lovey dovey couples out there hurts when I see friends and family in love and knowing that I haven’t found that yet.
    Valentine’s is Valentine’s, it’s just another day where you see people in love and it still continues to hurt the single one.
    This year, some girlfriends and I are spending this day together and calling it a ‘ro-tic’ night, which is romantic without the man. Good way to celebrate single good and spend some good quality time with girlfriends.


  12. Growing up, my mom always made Valentines day special for me and my sister. I will admit that there were alot of days with my family that I wouldn’t refer to as happy and smiley. Even if we were all having a bad day, she would still give us some special gifts and acknowledge the day in a fun way. I like to do this with my children now. I can say our family life is really pretty happy most days of the year, but it is fun to indudge a bit and give/receive something nice on Valentines. Its not about romance, it is about love and appreciation.

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  13. I have a wonderful husband who loves me and I want NOTHING for valentines day. I think the day is a crock and have told him in the 20 years of our marriage that I don’t need one day of a $3 card made by someone else. It’s not really a bahumbug as much as I just don’t fall for it. Instagram and facebook full of pictures of hey look at me and what my person got me. My husband brings me flowers when he is led to. But because a day tells him to. So I’m with ya! Plus true true we have Jesus so we’re good to go!


  14. Rae i am single because I chose to be. Valentine’s Day cones and it goes, I rejoice with those who rejoice and try to comfort those who have lost their partner for whatever reason. Sometimes that’s hard. When a couple have been together for 50 years or so, Valentine’s Day can be overwhelmingly sad. Me, I keep my hand in the hand of the man who walked on the waster….

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  15. Our family likes to remember the original reason for V-day, which was to remember a priest who was put to death for performing weddings against the order of a Roman emperor. This puts the emphasis more on Christ and those who, for love of Him, have suffered with Him. Such love is richer than the infatuation many call love & celebrate on 2/14 🙂 God bless!

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  16. I don’t think you have to be single to not appreciate this day on the calendar. I’ve been married 23 yrs and I still feel the same way I did when I was single…it’s just not necessary – it’s just a day on the calendar. Not to mention the meaning behind it is anti-climatic when you consider the real message of Agape Love:
    Valentine’s Day is earthly and carnal; God’s Agape transcends ALL and is always available…

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  17. Could it perhaps be less a dislike for Valentine’s Day, as it is a longing and need for more? That unconditional love God has modeled for us to follow and to extend to others? … And yes, we do need to express that more than once a year, but it’s also good reminder and prod to recognize those special people in our lives… That is sometimes a challenge for all of us in our busy lives. I know it is for me. 🙂

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  18. hahaha I don’t know why I’m finding this amusingly hilarious!! I wish I’d seen it 2 weeks ago cos while I was having a rotten day cos I felt the exact same way. that day is a set up!

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  19. Maddox,
    First I go to Pixabay.com which has tons of CC0 (Creative Commons) images. Once I find one I like, I select a quote or Bible verse and use Google’s Snapseed free photo editor to bring them together. Then when I have the quote/verse I slap the realasthestreets.org tag on it and BOOM. It’s done 🙂 Another little secret is I have them set up to autopublish. So when life gets crazy, Real as the Streets keep pushing out inspirational positive stuff.


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