When I Think

woman in the window sill looking out

I think too much. That’s my problem.
I think too much on how to solve it.

The thing about my thinking problem,
The solution- I can’t acknowledge.

So I continue with this problem.
Thinking, “Thinking will help me solve it.”


16 thoughts on “When I Think

  1. Really deep! I read a lot between the lines. Especially when I consider my over coming of more than 20 years of chronic depression to my now and being free from it. I still think a lot but my thoughts are really different these days! Thanks for sharing and blessings in your journey!🤗

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  2. There are two things we think about.

    Things that are out of our circle of influence such as bad weather and bad people.

    This is called worrying.

    Or things that are inside our circle of influence, things which we can do something about like changing some habits.

    This is called constructive, critical thinking.

    Then there’s the option of not doing anything.

    I heard someone, God says Be still and see what I’ll do for you. Then you’ll know that I am a Lord.

    God is already doing His job. We just need to pay thanks. Have you thanked God lately?

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  3. I know the struggle. But thank God for His Word which says “Let this mind be you [us], which was also in Christ Jesus” Philippians 2:5. If you look at verses 6-8 ask yourself this questions, what direction is the thoughts of Christ heading and what was at center of them thoughts? Hope your bless by it!

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  4. controversialchristian1 says:

    Joke aside, my friends often say I over analyse everything, particularly this person’s glance, or cast off remark and so on. I read too much into everything… Far too much. It has made me ill before today. Romantic relationships and all the stuff around that causes me so much stress. I never what to say or do. So I do nothing and just feel desperate. I find it all wearying sometimes as well.


  5. Cycles and circles of thought. Wheels within wheels. But disconnected because the part of you that might act resists what the thinking part comes up with. People can get stuck in this. I do. The thinking seems like something good to do, because it is. But we hesitate to do something with the thoughts. And sometimes that hesitation goes long. I think, Rae, you’ve touched on a very real human nerve. When you write the book on what to do (or think and do), I’ll happily buy!

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  6. Clcouch, you’re absolutely right when you say, “thinking seems like something good to do,” because if we do nothing else, we can always think. If only I had the wisdom for such a book

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  7. Keep it up *Rae, unless it is taking up much of your time. You could even pray to God to help you come up with ideas or solutions when you brainstorm (think). I believe it will help you even as it’s helped me. I am a thinker 🙂

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  8. So much can be said in so few words. Superb poem – speaks to all of us. I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that you have 4,471 followers and you started about the same time as me! How did you do that??? Congratulations, by the way. Obviously a lot of people love your blog! I know I do
    Be blessed

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