5 WordPress Cheats for People Too Busy to Blog

macbook laptopWhen I first started blogging, I thought the most successful bloggers were the ones who had the most time to dedicate to their blog. This simply isn’t true. The best bloggers know how to make the most of their limited time. Through research and experience, I’ve found a few blogging “cheats” that have made my life as a blogger easier.

1. Use Data Analytics to Your Advantage

  • WordPress has tons of analytical functions. You can see what day and time you receive the most visitors. Why is this important? Because if most people are viewing your stuff at 11am on Tuesday, don’t post at 9p on Saturday.
  • Content is like fruit. You want to give it to your followers when it is fresh. Plus newly posted content gets bumped to the top on the WordPress reader.
  • You can also see the geographical location of your followers. If most of your followers are from the United States, then things like “Individualism and Freedom” will be better received than if your followers were primarily from China or North Korea.

2. Let Your Content Be Demand Driven

  • After putting out hundreds of posts these past two years, I’ve learned it takes a lot of time, energy, and thought to produce a single quality post. If I’ma be spending my time putting out content, then I want my followers to engage and like my posts. The best way to ensure my effort isn’t futile is to see what my followers like and give them more.

3. Reuse and Improve Existing Content

  • Like I just mentioned. Creating quality content is hard and requires effort and time. But you know what’s easy? Finding an old article, giving it a makeover, and publishing it like it was brand new. Now, before anyone comes at me for my tactics know this: all the big companies do it. #noshame #marketing

4. Social Appropriately

  • The more social media accounts you have, the more accounts you have to maintain. Want to know a secret? You don’t have to use all the social media platforms. Pick your primary platform where all your content originates. For me, it’s my WordPress blog.
  • Then pick 2-3 social media platforms to supplement your blog. For example, I chose Facebook and Pinterest as my supplemental social platforms where I recycle my WordPress content.
  • As I got more content and more followers, I expanded to Twitter and YouTube. The point is not to create social media accounts for the sheer sake of doing so. Spreading yourself too thin on social media is a quick route to blogger burnout.

5. Schedule Your Stuff

  • This is my favorite blogging “cheat.” It combines cheats 1-4. By using analytics to see what content is most popular and when most people visit my blog, I go back to old posts and change the publish date to sometime in the future.
  • This is my favorite because by scheduling, realasthestreets.org will continue pushing out content. And if I get busy for a week or so, no one knows I’m m.i.a.
  • Plus the content is being published at the optimal time. It’s more effective and requires less effort. #win

I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours. Share your blogging hacks and cheats in the comments below!


10 thoughts on “5 WordPress Cheats for People Too Busy to Blog

  1. I use the same daily blogs every year. Been doing it for ten years. I don’t even remember what I said a year ago. I might change things around, but they are basically the same. As you can guess, they are not about current events. More about ethics.

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  2. Hi Rae!
    I’m very grateful to you for sharing with us your tips for getting the most out of WordPress.
    If I had any tips, I’d gladly share them with you and all your blog followers. Alas, I don’t even know how to customise my website to make it more inviting. Nor do I know how to set it up so I’m notified of comments. My work sits there unattended and unwanted.
    I do read your blogs and comments but I only respond when I’ve got what I think is a purposeful contribution to make. I hope you understand.
    Peace and love to you and all your readers,

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