So, love.

outline of a couple with a moonlit starry backdrop

One question I find myself asking is, “What is the truest form of love?”

Is it involuntary like a heartbeat? Like a mother’s love for her child.

Or deliberate and purposeful? Like Hosea’s pursuit of Gomer?

Is it easy and natural or complex and difficult?

Did Christ go to the cross because He chose to love us? Or because He is love?

I wonder if humans are even capable of real love.

Or has the concept been so soiled with self-gratification and commercialism that we wouldn’t- or couldn’t- recognize it, even if it was hand-delivered to our doorstep.


25 thoughts on “So, love.

  1. I think the answer to each and every one of those questions is “yes” (translation: “it’s complicated”). It’s also pretty amazing, however, when you think the answer to this pair is “yes”:
    Did Christ go to the cross because He chose to love us? Or because He is love?
    He did it because He is love and He chose to love us…unfathomable!

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  2. Difficult to answer it, depends on alot of factors. If one serves humanity than it’s beyond boundaries. Whereas in other cases, it depends upon culture, family, society, status etc etc. But true love is difficult because of the societal changes everywhere.
    Unless you live in isolation of the world and ready to accept the things the way it comes.

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  3. In and of ourselves, I believe, that we are incapable for loving unconditionally. We are human and we tend to connect with individuals of like nature. So in order for us to love all mankind is to operate/function in the likeness of Christ. In order to do that we must have a true relationship/friendship with Christ.

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  4. I am constantly in awe of how Jesus loves and demonstrates His love for us, not only through choosing the cross for us, but also in the little, mundane, every day things. Jesus cares about every little detail of our lives. So beautiful. Hayley xx

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  5. I don’t believe it is something that can be described, God’s Love for us is the perfect example, but impossible to comprehend for the human mind. I think is a great thing to contemplate and attempt to emulate. Praise Jesus for his sacrifice for us, that in our failure, we are able to face Him and keep trying.

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  6. There are many types of love. The love of a mother for a child, a brother for a brother, a wife and husband for each other. There is eros, the erotic love that people fall into. Then there is agape love, the kind of love God shows man, the kind of love we are called to show each other as we wash each others feet. Marriages that last most often have both eros and agape. Eros fades and then we make the choice to love, just like God chooses to love us. Agape desires the object of that love to be the best person they can be, to become the most spiritually mature person they can be. This is how God loves us. This is how we are to love one another. Christ’s final command was just this: that we love one another as he loved us. This is why it is said that you can tell if a person is a Christian by the love they show others. So, if there is a “higher love”, I would say that it is agape. I would argue that it is not erotic love, eros; not the love that makes one have butterflies in their stomach or makes their toes curl up during a kiss. That is the love so often portrayed in the movies as the kind of love we should be seeking. That kind of love may attract you to a mate and that kind of love may get you married; but, it is unlikely to keep you married. Agape will go the long haul because it is not a ephemeral feeling but rather a choice. Arn’t you glad that God chooses to love you? If he just loved you when he felt good about you, well that might not work so well…..

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  7. We as Christians are blessed to be able to recognize that there is such a tainted view of what love is in this world. I don’t say this with pride but gratitude… I remember before I came to Christ I thought I knew what love was, it was a feeling to me. How someone made me feel. It wasn’t until Holy Spirit took ahold of me did true love become clear. To choose to love someone more than yourself dispite how we feel.

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  8. Daniel Peterson says:

    Hosea’s pursuit. I failed one marriage. I always looked for redemption in principle of Hosea and the harlot. I had forgotten her name, until you mention it here. Gomer. I don’t believe I deserve anything other than a harlot if I were given another chance.


  9. That’s unfortunate. However, a harlot isn’t just a harlot. They’re a human being with feelings, aspirations, fears. There’s more to Gomer than a label. Only the Lord knows the pain she experienced. May you find hope in God’s promises.


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