6 thoughts on “He Loved Us

  1. Beautiful! Thank you. I was just in a rather DEEP conversation about God with my husband. He has faith, mine is shaky to say the least. I am OK with it, I too am happier and healthier than I have been in ssoooo long. I was sick and depressed and thought, IS THIS IT? SERIOUSLY GOD? I told my husband, I have prayed for God to reveal himself to me the way He wants me to see him. Not the way church or other people of different denominations see him, but STRAIGHT FROM THE SOURCE!! I have yet to figure God out,imagine that (as if we can really comprehend God) lol but I need to believe he will show me, He is showing me. So, we just got done talking and I came in my office, I logged on to my computer, and the first blog I checked on was YOURS, sharing your faith, It’s a God Shot! and really it’s simple….LOVE, God is LOVE. Thanks!!!!


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